The New Orleans Personal Injury Lawyer at The Mahone Firm in LA Offers Knowledgeable Legal Representation to Clients in Personal Injury Cases – Press Release

People injured in an accident caused by someone else deserve compensation. However, insurance companies often try to defraud these injured victims by denying them access to compensation or by offering them a ridiculous amount for the damage sustained. The Mahone Company is fighting this on behalf of the injured victim, making sure insurance companies are detained and must pay the full amount the victim’s case is worth.

New Orleans, LA – Mike Mahone from The Mahone law firm is a seasoned one-on-one practitioner who was recently added to the list of Super Lawyers for the first time this year. The selection is made in recognition of the meritorious work of the lawyer in representing injured clients against insurance companies. The Mahone Firm was previously included on the Rising Star List, a Super Lawyers list, but it only applies to younger lawyers.

With multiple awards and recognitions for his name, Mike Mahone of The Mahone Firm remains determined to ensure that customers get the best result every time.

The New Orleans Personal Injury AttorneyAs I described the driving force behind the firm’s success, I said, “As a personal injury attorney in New Orleans, Louisiana, I have a unique perspective on personal injury litigation having worked for both plaintiffs and defendants. I have defended large corporations on cases of industrial, offshore and onshore drilling injuries. I know how defendants think because I represented them in the past. I understand what injured claimants want and need because I take care of them today. “

New Orleans residents who have been involved in an accident caused by another person can rest assured that The Mahone Firm’s Mike Mahone represents customers in a variety of personal injury jobs.

Mahone deals with frequent cases of personal injury such as car accidents, bicycle accidents, accidents with accidents, truck and 18-wheel accidents, slip and fall accidents, and work-related accidents.

Mike Mahone is also one Offshore Injury Lawyer These include victims of offshore accidents, work accidents, oil field injuries and accidents with oil rigs.

The law firm also represents clients who have suffered catastrophic injuries, child injuries, deaths, boating accidents, lake injuries, river accidents and more.

Customers interested in representation in business and trade disputes can also contact The Mahone Firm at 504-564-7342 to arrange a meeting. For more information on the legal services offered, please visit The Mahone Firm’s website.

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