Attorney puts City of La Crosse on notice for PFAS contamination

A lawyer representing 125 people served the city to contaminate their private wells.

February 9, 2021, 5:51 p.m.

Amy DuPont

Posted: Feb 9, 2021 at 5:51 pm

Updated: February 9, 2021, 7:10 p.m.

LA CROSSE, Wisconsin (WKBT) – The town of La Crosse could be long in stored expensive New Litigation. A lawyerney repreI know125 People served the city for contaminate their private wells. The paperwork is the first step to on possible Legal action.

There are hundreds of documents in these fields. D.demanding answers and possibly dollars from town hall. “W.We know it is a terrible situation where the pollution may affect hundreds of people. “Explains attorney Tim Jacobson. J.acobson represents 125 people from the city of C.Ampbell who is Wells are contaminated with a dangerous chemical called PFAS.

“C.The city is at fault. The city used the chemicals. “Says Jacobson. The artificial chemical was used to produce fire fighting Foam sprayed at La Crosse Airport for decades. This fall, tThe town of La Crosse learned about PFAS in the ground at the airport. According to the city’s own tests, more than 100 private wells. The PFAS levels in almost half of the homes are so high that the water is not safe to drink, cook with, or use to brush your teeth. “IIt’s incredibly scary. We need a solution, and we need the city to commit to these people and do so as soon as possible. “Says Jacobson.

The town of La Crosse provides mineral water to families with the highest PFAS levels. Attorney Jacobson believes the city is responsible for paying for a permanent source of clean water, rreduced property values, aand all diseases associated with the contamination. On Monday, Jacobson served the town with a “notice of the circumstances of the claim and Violation “. Filing is rrequired by the state of Wisconsin Law bbefore a party can sue a community. “ÖYour hope and your goal is that we can negotiate informally and amicably with the city to find a solution that works for the citizens of the French island. “Says Jacobson

The Mayor of La Crosse, Tim Kabat, declined our request for an interview. In a statement on News 8 N.ow., tThe Mayor wrote: “The city of La Crosse is working on laws to bring legal action against the manufacturers of these chemicals and I would like to strongly encourage those affected to join our efforts. P.Personally, I don’t understand why Attorney Jacobson is trying to sow a rift between residents of Campbell and the town of La Crosse as we are both victims of these manufactured chemicals and have been negatively affected. ”

Jacobson is also planning action against the foam manufacturers and hopes the city will work with him. But; with dozens of People in need clean water, Jacobson is not To take risks. “If we can’t work out We are ready to take the next legal action. “Says Jacobson

The city is still testing homes to determine the level of contamination. Attorney Jacobson says he needs this information before he can determine an amount of damage.

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