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Austin Injury Attorney Joel Levine Explains What To Do After a Slip and Fall – INJURY ATTORNEY

Austin Injury Attorney Joel Levine Explains What To Do After a Slip and Fall

Slipping and falling accidents can cause serious physical injuries and significantly affect the quality of life of the victims. However, immediate action must be taken to ensure that a case can be opened. Joel A. Levine, Austin, Texas personal injury attorney, provides advice to clients who have been injured in a slip and fall.

Get medical help

As with any personal injury accident, victims should always receive medical attention. Since medical records are an integral part of slips and falls, all resulting injuries and follow-up care should be carefully documented.

Slip and fall victims should always follow a doctor’s recommendations, including attending physical therapy if necessary. Failure to seek immediate medical attention after a slip and fall indicates that the injuries sustained were not severe enough to require urgent treatment or affect the victim’s quality of life.

Report and document the incident

Slips and falls should be reported immediately to the business or property manager where the incident occurred. Victims should always keep a record of the slip and fall, including asking for copies from the store or a police report.

Injured persons should also take photos of the location, including multiple angles of where the incident occurred, as well as pictures of the exact cause of the slip and fall. Many companies or other responsible parties take quick corrective action after events where they may be held financially responsible. It is therefore imperative to document the location before making any changes.

Hire a personal injury attorney

Victims of a slip and fall should always hire a lawyer with extensive experience with personal injury. Injuries resulting from a slip and fall accident can be difficult to prove and the liability of any company or other involved parties needs to be investigated.

Since time is of the essence in slips and falls, it is imperative that a lawyer be engaged even before insurance companies are involved. An experienced attorney can help represent injured parties when discussing the incident to avoid information being used against their clients.

A competent lawyer can also help ensure that the case never goes to court. When quick action and careful documentation are taken after a slip-up, many companies opt for an out-of-court settlement. Companies want to avoid expensive legal proceedings whenever possible and are more likely to reach a settlement knowing that the plaintiff has hired an experienced personal injury attorney.

About Joel A. Levine’s Law Office

Joel A. Levine’s law firm prides itself on helping Texans with personal injury and construction defects. Joel Levine received his law degree from the South Texas College of Law in Houston. He is also a member of the Texas State Bar, the Austin Bar Association, and the Austin Young Lawyers Association.

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