Dan Snyder attorney: Owner needs no approval to resume role

The NFL has chosen not to suspend Washington Football Team owner Dan Snyder and the league’s lengthy investigation Sexual harassment allegations by 15 former WFT employees did not result in a written report on the findings of investigator Beth Wilkinson. Although the league fined the franchise $ 10 million after the investigation uncovered a problematic culture, particularly towards women, its handling of the matter has led to some scrutiny.

Snyder’s status has also sparked some discussion. The longtime owner is currently relieved of a daily role in the franchise company and leaves this responsibility to his wife, the new Co-CEO of WFT Tanja Snyder. A Washington Post report on Thursday evening showed that Dan Snyder will not be allowed to return to the team’s day-to-day role until he is approved by Roger Goodell, but Snyder’s attorney denies this.

“Any suggestion that Commissioner Goodell approve Dan Snyder’s return to daily scrutiny is wrong,” Siev said of ESPN.com’s Adam Schefter. “Dan has not been suspended so by definition he does not need to be reinstated in any position.”

Siev’s comments did not cause the Post to withdraw its original report, notes Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio. Snyder can still take part in the Washington Games, but his future role is unclear.

The NFL’s stance appears to be for Dan Snyder to be effectively sidelined for a while. The league’s release states that Tanya Snyder will oversee the day-to-day aspects of the Washington Football team and represent the franchise at league meetings for “at least” the next few months. Based on his attorney’s comments, Dan Snyder may be willing to challenge this agreement.

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