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Attorney Buzbee to give Houston DA evidence against Watson – INJURY ATTORNEY

Attorney Buzbee to give Houston DA evidence against Watson

As of March 18, Houston-based attorney Tony Buzbee had filed three lawsuits against Texas quarterback Deshaun Watson on behalf of three massage therapists accused of inappropriate behavior and sexual assault. Now Buzbee has filed a total of seven lawsuits, and as Sarah Barshop from writes that at least five more will be on the way.

No criminal charges or complaints have been filed against Watson, but Buzbee is pushing to change that, according to Barshop. The attorney plans to file affidavits and evidence regarding the alleged wrongdoing with the Houston Police Department and the Houston DA on Monday morning, and he will also call on a grand jury to examine the evidence.

Obviously, this is part of Buzbee’s efforts to increase his leverage in his civil suits, and the fact that he is providing affidavits and evidence to the DA office does not mean that the DA believes these materials are a likely reason for initiating one Represent criminal proceedings. It is clear, however, that this matter is not going to go away, and Watson’s attorney, Rusty Hardin, says a response is imminent about Fox 26’s Mark Berman:

“I am very proud to represent Deshaun Watson and to stand behind him, which we believe to be baseless allegations. However, we will wait to complete our review of Mr Buzbee’s numerous evolving allegations. We will respond next week asking you to stay open until we do. ”

Until the lawsuit was filed, Watson had been in the headlines for football-related reasons. He and the Texans played a game of chicken over the trade demand of the three-time Pro Bowler and from March 19 – even after the seventh lawsuit – Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle reported that several clubs remained interested in making a trade for Watson. This includes the Eagles, whose interest had not previously been reported.

“We need to know more facts before we can make a firm decision to trade, but yes, we’re still interested.” said an NFL manager. “How can you not be interested that Deshaun Watson might be your quarterback? The guy is an incredible talent. “

Another manager said via Wilson:

“What Deshaun Watson has been accused of is obviously not at all what we heard and knew about him as a really great person, but you cannot ignore these grave allegations. Do your homework and make sure you have all the facts before you get into the deep trade negotiations. There’s the NFL investigation, the court footage, and you have to let it all play and make an informed decision. Yeah, we’re still very interested in Deshaun Watson. What he did on the field , checked every box for quarterback play. ”

If these allegations aren’t cleared up in Watson’s favor in a short period of time, then you can expect interested teams to stop tracking the Texans’ signaler.

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