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Q: Why does your sign say Lawyers and Advisors? What is the difference?

Charles, Florence, AL

A: These are two different roles. A lawyer deals with a legal matter, be it in or out of court. A lawyer serving as a legal advisor will either prevent a future problem without legal action or recommend a lawyer who specializes in the right field.

When a person has a legal problem that we are not dealing with, we help our client find an attorney with experience for the type of problem the client is having.

We often recommend other lawyers for different types of cases, such as: B. criminal or domestic relationships. Lawyers frequently refer us to their compensation payments and other personal injury cases. We handle these cases on a daily basis.

Lawyers should advise their clients to find the right attorney for their case on matters that they do not routinely handle. No lawyer can be a specialist in all areas of law, and different areas require different skills and knowledge. Certain lawyers such as tax lawyers or patent attorneys have additional training and certification.

Ultimately, however, no lawyer wants to spend their time learning cases for which they have no experience or interest. There are certain types of cases that certain types of attorney are simply better suited to.

Remember, good legal advice can keep you out of court. It is always easier to stay out of trouble than to get out of trouble.

In our work as personal injury attorneys, we can’t prevent people from getting hurt, but we can remind people to buckle up and be careful while driving. After someone is hurt, we offer all the help the law has to give.

Buckle up, drive safely and, as always, your recommendations are welcome! 256-764-0112

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