Who’s Who in the Race to Be the Next Manhattan District Attorney

In the overcrowded field that is supposed to replace Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr., two camps emerge among the eight Democratic candidates: insiders and outsiders.

Five participants entered the race with experience as prosecutors. Tali Farhadian Weinstein and Alvin Bragg served as federal attorneys in the eastern and southern boroughs of New York. Lucy Lang, Diana Florence and Liz Crotty are alumni of the Manhattan Attorney’s Office.

Running on the most reformist platforms are the three remaining candidates, all of whom have never worked as prosecutors: Tahanie Aboushi, a civil rights attorney, Rep. Dan Quart, who is also a civil litigator, and Eliza Orlins, a Manhattan attorney.

They are all campaigning for a revision of the judicial system, with promises that were once on the margins of politics, but are now a hallmark of the progressive prosecutor.

The June 22nd Democratic primary is seen as the ultimate pick for the four-year job, as no Republican with strong pull has emerged. It is increasingly unlikely that Mr Vance will run for a fourth term. A campaign spokeswoman said she expected him to make an announcement about his intentions in the next few weeks.

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