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What You Should Look For Before Contacting an Attorney – INJURY ATTORNEY

What You Should Look For Before Contacting an Attorney

There are more than 800,000 lawyers representing court clients in America today, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. These lawyers help their clients with cases ranging from break-ins to car accidents.

If you find yourself in control of the trial court system, you will need help. This helpful guide will teach you how to find a lawyer and what to look for before contacting one. Once you’ve mastered these tips, you will have the right professional by your side to help you navigate the legal process.

When do I need a lawyer?

It’s safe to say that you will need a lawyer when it is clear that your matter will eventually be on trial. Lawyers will provide you with legal advice throughout the duration of your case to increase the chance that you will ultimately receive a decision that is in your favor.

Examples of legal cases that require legal representation include:

  • Criminal cases
  • Injuries
  • Wills / trusts

Types of lawyers

Lawyers specialize in a specific area of ​​law. Take a look at the areas of expertise listed below to help you decide what type of lawyer you need for your matter.

Criminal defense attorney

Defense lawyers defend individuals charged with a crime. The criminal cases range from murder to fraud.

The US Constitution guarantees defendants an appointed attorney to represent them when they cannot afford one. Sometimes an appointed criminal defense attorney can work for the government. These prosecutors are called public defenders.

Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury attorneys represent injured victims who can prove that their injuries were someone else’s fault. These lawyers also help the litigants to negotiate settlements with insurance companies. The personal injury lawyers specialize in tort law.

Estate attorney

Probate attorneys represent a person’s last will and will during legal proceedings. Your responsibilities range from estate planning to filing applications for the appointment of an executor. They also handle court hearings if someone is contesting a will.

How to find a lawyer

Ready to find a lawyer? How to find competent legal counsel:

Ask your friends and family

Ask your family and other close contacts who you know have employed an attorney for their legal affairs. Make a list of their recommendations to plan interviews and discuss your case.

Call the bar association in your area

Your local bar association maintains a network of attorneys. For example, the Bar Association of San Francisco (BASF) can connect you to a San Francisco lawyer on their network. Clients are matched with an attorney who specializes in the area of ​​law appropriate to their case.

Schedule job interviews

When you have your list of recommendations, reach out to these professionals to find the best solution for your case. Have all of your case data and other backup documents ready. This way you can have an informed discussion and avoid misunderstandings.

Legal fees

You can ask attorneys if they will accept a payment plan for their services. Sometimes attorneys will charge a portion of their full fee upfront before starting your case. Other attorneys may have contingency fees and only receive payment if your case wins.

What’s your next step?

Call your local bar association and ask for the name of a lawyer in your area who specializes in your case type. Once you have these names, schedule some interviews.

Inquire about possible lawyer payment plan scenarios. You can also ask if they have a success fee.

Visit our website for more helpful advice on hiring lawyers. These legal experts will help your case get the best possible outcome.

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