What to Look for in a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Not all personal injury attorneys are able to advise victims of motorcycle accidents. If you’ve been hit by a reckless driver while riding your motorcycle, you deserve representation from someone who is familiar with the bylaws, precedents, and procedures that could affect your entitlement.

In other words, you shouldn’t hire someone to do your case. Fortunately, when you find someone who owns:

  1. integrity

Lawyers who genuinely value and respect their clients always practice with honesty and integrity. This means that they are transparent about their fee structure and never promise to get any particular result just to secure a person’s business. After all, legal proceedings are inherently unpredictable.

Look for an attorney who is willing to discuss your case openly and to address all of your concerns in an easy way. Fortunately, you should be able to assess this during the initial consultation if you simply ask the right questions.

  1. Accessibility

You deserve direct contact with your lawyer – or at least an assurance that he or she will get back to you right away. At your first meeting, ask how long it usually takes the company to respond to inquiries from its customers. If it’s more than a day or two, availability may not be prioritized like yours.

  1. A huge legal network

Before you can claim compensation for any damage you have incurred, you must provide evidence of liability. It is for this reason that you should seek out an attorney who has the resources to conduct a thorough investigation that will provide the evidence needed to move forward.

In addition to filing subpoenas, dropping eyewitnesses and getting official reports, your attorney must consult with a range of parties including accident reconstruction experts, mechanics, vehicle or parts manufacturers, and community officials. Therefore, before hiring, you should inquire about the size of the company’s professional network.

  1. Track record (including a relevant case history)

While past success does not guarantee future profits, it is certainly an indication that the practice has what it takes to produce satisfactory results on behalf of its clients. When reviewing companies, ask about their medical history, especially accidents like your own.

Have you won payouts for other motorcycle accident victims who were injured under similar circumstances? And if so, can they change the strategies they used in the past to help you build a strong case today?

  1. Trial experience

Although most motorcycle accident claims are settled, some cases inevitably go to court. Since there is a chance your person will stand in court, it is advisable to work with a lawyer who has litigation experience from day one.

Discuss your case with a St. Cloud motorcycle accident attorney

At Bradshaw & Bryant, we understand the devastating toll that serious injuries can mean to both accident victims and their loved ones. If you were seriously injured in a wreck through no fault of your own, we will represent your interests with the help of first-class experts and the latest technology. Call 320-259-5414 or use our online contact form to schedule a free consultation with a St. Cloud motorcycle accident attorney.

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