What is a Topic an Attorney Can Blog about to Land More Cases?

When hiring a lawyer, a prospective client may have concerns about how a law firm is organized. ~ Adam Körbl, iFax

To help you win more cases, we asked blog authors and business leaders this question about their best blogging topics. From confidentiality and management to company specializations, there are several blog topics a lawyer can blog about to get more cases.

Here are eight topics a lawyer can blog about to get more cases:

  • Discuss case confidentiality and management
  • Explain the process to beginners
  • Geographically specific problems
  • Detailed plans to help with car accident injuries
  • Describe the purpose of deposits
  • Addressing property management disputes
  • Weigh up the frequently asked questions
  • Introduce the specializations of your company


Discuss case confidentiality and management

When hiring a lawyer, a prospective client may have concerns about how a law firm is organized. With all of the different cases a law firm can handle, the organization of a client’s legal documents should be organized so that hourly rates are not spent on document management and retrieval. A lawyer might consider blogging about their approach to case management and sharing their legal document management solution. Not only does this transparent approach help answer a client’s concerns, but it can also help convey to staff how a lawyer treats cases confidentially.

Adam Körbl, iFax

Explain the process to beginners

Any customer who has never gone through legal process may be wondering what the whole process actually looks like. You may have a general idea of ​​what to expect, but the process can still be intimidating. A lawyer may want to create a blog that breaks down the process from start to finish, including any additional steps their law firm takes specifically to help their clients. Having this resource prior to entering the legal system can calm a client’s nerves and give them a better understanding of what to look for in a lawyer. Discussing the specific actions their law firm is taking for their clients shows the dedication and passion that lawyers bring to each individual case.

Beth Baranski, Markitors

Geographically specific problems

The law is different in each state, so blogging about geographic topics can add value to readers. For example, as a Washington-based practice, we have published articles on topics such as the Washington Three Strikes Act and the Washington Statute of Limitations on Personal Injury. Geographically centered content not only helps position a practice as a thought leader, but these articles can also help attract new customers through organic search.

Court Will, Will & Will

Detailed plans to help with car accident injuries

Alaskan doctor and nurse prescribed too many opioids to patientsPhoto from LinkedIn Sales Navigator on Unsplash

Enduring the pain of a back or neck injury from a car accident is no small burden. The physical consequences of the accident can lead to discomfort, numbness, muscle cramps and, in some cases, short-term or long-term disability. As a personal injury attorney in Huntsville, Alabama, we created content about specific back or neck injuries that people may suffer after a car accident due to the negligence or recklessness of another driver. Our content is informative, provides detailed action plans on what to do after a wreck and how our legal team can help with your case.

Hunter Garnett, Warren and Simpson

Describe the purpose of deposits

Our text prediction and grammar correction software helps increase the speed and accuracy of transcript and documentation entry, but most people have no idea what many legal terms mean. Lawyers can use common legal procedures such as B. Deposits, blogging that may be foreign to the general public. An ordinary citizen may not be aware that statements generally take place in a law firm and are recorded and transcribed before a case goes to court. By offering counseling content to someone likely to go through this legal process and adding a call to action on the blog, that reader will be more likely to convert.

Guy next door, Lightkey

Addressing property management disputes

There are frequent disputes between landlords and tenants around the world. These two groups are always looking for answers on how to protect their rights from abuse by the other. When you blog about landlord and tenant issues, you become an authority in that area. When your items reach hundreds or thousands of landlords and renters, some of them will be knocking on your door.

Named Ibiam, Law Truly

Weigh up the frequently asked questions

In general, depending on their area of ​​expertise, a lawyer can benefit greatly from capitalizing on frequently asked questions. To start with, you can build it on your own FAQ from your website and explain each topic in more detail. What inevitably happens is that one question creates another. Before you know it, you will have plenty of material to work with. Additionally, following customer feedback and consulting FAQs can provide more content to work with. The market is flooded with lawyers. However, by showcasing your knowledge, articulating your points of view, and refining your niche, you can break away from the herd and benefit from the impact it will have on your target audience.

John Berry, Berry Law

Introduce the specializations of your company

A lawyer should always blog about his or her areas of practice. It’s a great way to educate the general public, and when people find they need a lawyer, they’ll remember the knowledgeable company that wrote the blog post. Arguably the most important reason to blog about what you do is because of the SEO benefit. The more content you have on your website with these keywords, the more likely it is that SEO will pick up your website for people looking for legal tips and a law firm. For example, we do a lot in personal injury law. That’s why we write blog posts about different situations that arise when people are injured: workplace injuries, injuries to customers, and accidents between citizens. Each of these common situations could be a blog post in its own right, and frankly, probably more than one post.

Seth Price, Price Benowitz LLP

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