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Q.: I have a representative who tries to speak to my clients about politics and I have been asked by several if I knew this was happening. I think this person makes my clients uncomfortable. Can i do something about it?

Janelle – Florence, AL

A: You sure can. I think you can warn your co-worker not to proceed. If that doesn’t work, fire your employee if he or she does harm to your company.

This type of person usually believes they have an initial right of freedom of expression. You do not have the right to freedom of expression in your time if it affects your business.

There is a common misconception that the first change will protect the language in any place. It doesn’t. Therefore, a private employer can set rules about what is appropriate and not suitable for discussion at work.

When employees are not working, they are mostly on time. However, you still represent your company and should behave professionally.

People shouldn’t forget, that’s why they call it work. Someone else pays for their time and that has consequences.

People cannot be fired because they have a certain religious belief or a certain national origin. During the employer’s time on the employer’s property, people can be dismissed for work. In general, people can be fired for good, bad, or no reason, but there are certain protected classes that are protected by law.

The right of an employer to control discussions in the workplace that they consider inappropriate is protected by law. However, this control must also be carried out manually and an employee should not be dismissed until he has received appropriate warning.

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