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Virginia Personal Injury Attorney Advises Clients To Focus on Their Health First Before Contacting An Attorney – INJURY ATTORNEY

Virginia Personal Injury Attorney Advises Clients To Focus on Their Health First Before Contacting An Attorney

Mark Favaloro explains what to do after an accident and how the safety of his customers is a top priority.

Mark Favaloro, owner and founder of Favaloro Law Offices in Virginia Beach, Virginia, is bucking the legal trend and advises anyone involved in a vehicle accident involving personal injury to focus on their medical treatment before investigating the legal aspects of an incident Considering. Many citizens believe that the second you are involved in a PI accident, do not tell anyone and consult a lawyer. Favaloro, who was interviewed on a series by Case Engine, the digital marketing specialist, persisted in his advice.

He said, “Let’s be practical. I’m not going to tell you that in a car accident a person should pull out their cell phone and call a lawyer. It usually doesn’t work that way. When you’re injured, your medical care is usually your top priority. The police usually conduct an interview and question what happened. I don’t advise people to speak to the police, it can backfire. The reality is that once the police record is created, you are fine. You’re out of the hospital. You’re from the emergency room. Now is the time to call a lawyer and discuss what happened. A lawyer will then be able to obtain police and medical records to assess the claim. The first step I always tell my clients, and I give seminars on injury regularly, is to take care of your body, to take care of your physical injuries. ”

Favaloro is passionate about ensuring that its customers get the compensation they deserve, but insists that their health should always come first, contrary to much of the advice posted on the internet. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, he has seen many changes in the industry but still believes in traditional values ​​of honesty, integrity and hard work.

Favaloro Law Offices is a family-run law firm based in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The company is committed to helping victims of personal injury through litigation. Anyone who has been the victim of personal injury will appreciate the compassion and expertise of the firm’s staff and attorneys. Favaloro Law is a law firm dedicated to hearing cases in the state and federal courts in the United States. Mark Favaloro, the firm’s founding attorney, has served as a trial attorney in the state courts of Virginia, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, and the federal courts of Virginia and Massachusetts. The firm represents clients who have been injured by others, including those injured during medical care and injuries caused by truck or car accidents.

Case Engine is a specialist digital marketing company based in Denver, Colorado. The company is made up of some of the industry’s top marketers, all of whom are proven to deliver results for their clients. With excellent customer service, technical knowledge and experience, and a will to succeed, Case Engine consistently delivers results to its customers.

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