Veteran Prosecutor Jimmie Wilson, Running for Alameda County District Attorney on Platform of Accountability, Fairness and Transparency

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  • Jimmie Wilson would be the first person elected to the Alameda County District Attorney since its inception in 1853. He is the Office’s first internal candidate to announce a challenge to the incumbent prosecutor for over 87 years.

  • Wilson, a longtime East Bay resident, will bring 16 years of prosecutorial experience and a lifetime of experience as a black person to reconnect the prosecutor with the community it serves, build trust in the criminal justice system and restore accountability, security and protection for our roads.

OAKLAND, Calif .– (BUSINESS WIRE) – “Alameda County is my home and I love my community. I’m running for the district attorney because I know we can do better. Our criminal justice system does not work the same for everyone, and that is unacceptable. As a young man of color growing up in an underserved community, I know the effects of crime, injustice, and constant violence. No family should ever feel like a prisoner in their home. Our leaders ignore real harm to our communities, and our most vulnerable families suffer most from the consequences. My goal as a district attorney is to keep our streets safe and our criminal justice system fair. Truth, transparency, compassion, and integrity will guide everything we do. “- Jimmie Wilson

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Jimmie Wilson at the Rene C. Davidson Courthouse in Oakland, California where he currently serves as the assistant district attorney. (Photo: Business Wire)

Wilson, a Democrat and longtime Alameda County resident, believes we need more accountability throughout the criminal system. Wilson believes we don’t have to choose between seeking justice for crime victims and respecting the rights of the accused. We can effectively balance our pressing need for public safety with the desire to work towards a more humane criminal justice system for all. Under Wilson’s leadership, the system will work the same for everyone regardless of their background.

Wilson sees himself as a different kind of progress. He will focus DA resources on tackling the alarming surge in violent crime in the county while improving opportunities and access to community-based distraction and first-offender programs, as well as mental health, drug and veteran courts. It will dramatically strengthen the role of the Office in targeted, community-based crime prevention programs aimed at reaching those most affected by or victims of violent crime. Wilson will be pushing to expand the demographic and geographic reach of model programs like Oakland’s Armistice, which are particularly focused on youth work.

“Security is a civil right. We need to make our criminal justice system responsive and fair for everyone. The reality is that if we ignore it, crime will escalate and our most vulnerable communities will suffer disproportionately from the consequences. “- Jimmie Wilson

Under Wilson’s leadership, the DA office will, for the first time in Alameda County’s history, collect and publish statistical demographic information on charging, negotiating, initiating assignments, and sentencing measures for individuals in the system. This data will be publicly available and will be used to implement results-oriented criminal law guidelines, reduce disparities within the system, increase accountability of decision-makers and increase community trust. Working with researchers, nonprofits, and community-based groups, this data can be used to develop targeted innovative practices to deter crime, improve the effectiveness of diversion and first-offender programs, and increase equity across the system.

Jimmie Wilson has the experience to face the Alameda County’s criminal justice challenges today and the vision to make the changes necessary to meet the challenges he will face tomorrow. Wilson grew up in San Francisco’s Bayview District, an underserved and over-police community, and experienced firsthand the same community challenges that so many families in Alameda County face today. He graduated from Balboa High School in San Francisco and played intercollegiate soccer in the state of San Jose until he sustained a retirement injury. After SJSU, Wilson worked as a unionized plumber for over 15 years and attended night school before receiving a scholarship to UC Berkeley, where he graduated with a law degree as the father of three. He attended UC Hastings College of the Law and joined the Alameda prosecutor’s office nearly 16 years ago.

Jimmie Wilson’s experience includes handling some of the most complex law enforcement operations against murder, gangs, and sexual assault in the office. He knows the advantages and disadvantages of the DA office and can work effectively on the challenges from day one. Wilson sits on the executive board of the Hayward South County NAACP and is currently working to provide implicit bias training to local Alameda County’s governments and law enforcement agencies. He is a longtime member of the Officer Involved Shooting (OIS) call-out team and has represented the DA office in Oakland’s Ceasefire Program, a nationally recognized community-level crime prevention program.

Visit to learn more about Jimmie Wilson and his vision of criminal justice reform in Alameda County.

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Source: Jimmie Wilson for District Attorney

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