Traits to look for in an attorney

Brandan Davies is a criminal defense attorney based in Overland Park, Kansas. Brandan assists clients with all types of criminal matters in all Johnson County courts. Mr. Davies was named a Superlawyer, Top 100 Trial Lawyers, by the National Trial Lawyers Association and is A / V rated for his criminal law practice.

Whether it is a divorce proceeding or a criminal complaint, finding the right lawyer for your case is crucial to get the outcome you want and to your satisfaction. While choosing an attorney can seem overwhelming, there are certain characteristics that you should look for that will help you make the right decision.

What Qualities Should You Look For When Hiring a Lawyer?

  • Experience and knowledge of the law. When you sit down for an initial consultation with an attorney, make sure they understand the law that governs your case. Ask the attorney about their previous experience with this type of matter. Obviously, you don’t want a personal injury attorney to represent you if your spouse files for divorce. As you assess their expertise, it will alert you whether this attorney has the skills necessary to navigate your case. Knowing a lawyer about certain laws can either establish or break your case.
  • Active listening skills. Every successful lawyer is a good listener. Is the lawyer you are speaking to actively listening – and understanding everything you share with him or her? Without listening skills, an attorney cannot capture all of the key details needed to successfully stand up for you.
  • Personality. Hire a lawyer you like. First and foremost, the lawyer should be experienced in your type of case, but you need to trust him or her too, especially since you are likely to be at a difficult time in your life. A friendly, personal attorney can make the process easier for you. Not only that, but an attorney’s reputation in the legal community can negatively affect your case. Avoid hiring an attorney with a bad reputation.
  • Responsive communication. Navigating a legal situation can be worrying and confusing. They often have questions or concerns that only your lawyer can answer. Does the lawyer you contacted respond promptly to your calls and emails? Lawyers are extremely busy; However, a diligent one will respond in a timely manner. Having an attorney who is quick to react can help you relieve your general stress levels.
  • Dedication. A dedicated lawyer works long hours and will do anything for each of his clients. The engagement of an attorney for your particular case can be the most important aspect of a successful outcome for you. Look for an attorney who is committed to you and your case and who is willing to do the work necessary for the best result.

When faced with a legal situation, you need to choose the right lawyer for you and your case. Use this list of attributes to rate the attorney you plan to hire to ensure you choose wisely.

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