The National Trial Lawyers re-selected attorney Richard M. Kenny as a Top 100 Civil Plaintiff Lawyer in New York

Recently, the National Trial Lawyers reelected attorney Richard M. Kenny of the Richard M. Kenny Law Firm as one of the Top 100 Plaintiff Lawyers in New York State. This prestigious honor marks Richard M. Kenny’s second year as an exceptionally respected member of this organization.

Each year, the National Trial Lawyers announce the top 100 professional nominee lawyers in New York State based on their accomplishments and excellence in civil or criminal law. The award is only given to attorneys who have demonstrated “superior qualifications, leadership qualities and litigation results” as admirable trial attorneys.

The National Trial Lawyers Top 100 conduct rigorous independent research to find only the most qualified lawyers in each geographic location and practice in order to expand their professional network and reach more individuals in need of skilled legal assistance.

Since attorney Kenny started as a plaintiff 30 years ago, he has testified on countless cases and has been involved in over 150 cases that have been judged by a jury. This is an exceptionally high number for any law firm, but for an individual attorney. In addition, attorney Kenny has received many awards over the years for his tireless dedication to and representing his clients, including being voted one of the best lawyers in America by his peers from 2013 to the present day.

Richard M. Kenny’s law firm is a staunch defense attorney for construction workers wrongly injured while working across New York City. In one case, Richard M. Kenny’s law firm asked for a $ 6.2 million settlement on behalf of a construction worker client who lost his leg in a freeway construction accident through no fault of his own. In essence, the customer was just doing his job when his leg got trapped between two concrete poles. In general, construction workers will only make claims for damages following an injury at work. In this case, Richard M. Kenny’s law firm has taken additional civil action due to the extent of the damage. Richard M. Kenny’s law firm reached a $ 6.2 million settlement on behalf of their client as the client suffered a catastrophic injury that would affect his daily life and ability to continue his work. Richard M. Kenny’s law firm has also filed claims related to pain and suffering, loss of zest for life, loss of limbs, and various medical bills as a result of the accident.

Richard M. Kenny’s law firm also received $ 4.35 million in compensation for a man who suffered brain damage after falling from a scaffold. Our company has proven that our construction worker customer did not receive the necessary safety equipment for his work. As a result, he fell from the scaffolding and suffered permanent brain damage. By demonstrating the supervisor’s liability, we were able to obtain this judgment to help our client and his family.

Attorney Kenny limits his service to the community not just to the exercise of the law. He has participated in several pro bono activities over the years, including as a 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund volunteer from 2001 to date, and as a Sandy Relief Effort legal volunteer from 2012 to date. Richard M. Kenny’s law firm has also collected US $ 25 million from first responders injured in response to the 9/11 disaster.

Richard M. Kenny’s law firm has been serving and serving victims of wrongdoing, negligence, and death in New York City since 2002. If you’ve been involved in an accident and sustained serious injury, you can contact our New York City personal injury attorney online or call them at (866) 664-7162.

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