Texas Injury Attorney Steve Laird Receives Tarrant County Bar Association’s Highest Honor

Fort Worth, Texas, May 10, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Licensed trucking and transportation lawyer Steve Laird has been named a recipient of the 2021 Blackstone Award, the Tarrant County Bar Association’s most prestigious award.

The Blackstone Award is presented annually during the TCBA Law Day celebration to an attorney whose career embodies ethical ideals, courage and service to the legal profession. The award is named after the British lawyer and judge Sir William Blackstone. His “comments on the laws of England“is considered the basis of legal training in England and North America.

“It gives you the opportunity to reflect when colleagues give you cross-career recognition,” said Mr. Laird, founder of The Law Offices of Steven C. Laird, PC in the Fort Worth. “For me, law was and is always a profession, not a business. I have always said: ‘The way a lawyer practices reflects the kind of person he or she is.’ It takes years to develop a positive reputation, but it can all be lost overnight. I’ve been fortunate throughout my career, but I’ve also worked very hard to maintain my professional integrity. ”

Began his career in 1980 in the San Antonio Mr. Laird, then one of the largest law firms in the Southwest, has litigated and filed appeals in an “extraordinary number of cases for a sophomore attorney”. That courtroom experience formed the basis of his career as a trial attorney who is now widely recognized as one of the leading truck accident attorneys in the country. Last year he was one of a select group of lawyers who were among the first in the nation to receive board certification in trucking accident law from the National Board of Trial Advocacy. He is also on the Board in Personal Injury Trial Law and Civil Trial Law of the Texas Legal specialization of the Board of Directors and as a civil litigation specialist by the National Board of Trial Advocacy.

Mr. Laird’s reputation as a staunch litigation attorney, who served as the first customer, was evident early in his career when his work spurred General Motors to uncover the corporate secret of known fire risks associated with defects in one of its beloved ones Truck models are connected. GM had kept the shortcomings away from the public through excessive use of confidential comparisons. His struggle to open the files helped shed light on the shortcomings and put pressure on GM to resolve the problem.

“The GM case was free. I had a keen interest in giving the public access to important information. The lifting of the veil of secrecy resulted in a recall and corrective action by the manufacturer,” he said. “I really can’t imagine being anything other than a trial attorney.” Seeing justice for a deserving customer is always a fulfillment. “

The Blackstone Award was announced during the annual TCBA Law Day Celebration May 3 via zoom under ongoing COVID precautions. A personal presentation will be announced at a later date.

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The law firms of Steven C. Laird, PC is an experienced company Fort Worth The trucking accident lawyers focused on helping the victims and their families. More information is available at www.texlawyers.com.

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