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Tallahassee attorney Ben Crump, George Floyd family lawyer release platform for ‘federal police reform’ – INJURY ATTORNEY

Tallahassee attorney Ben Crump, George Floyd family lawyer release platform for ‘federal police reform’

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) – Tallahassee civil rights attorney Ben Crump and personal injury attorney Antonio Romanucci, both representing George Floyd’s family, announced a platform for reform on Tuesday, Dec. 22, to create a permanent Create police reform in America. 2020.

The series of federal recommendations aims to strengthen trust between the police and citizens, especially black citizens.

The lawyers say the urgent need for these national policing standards in 2020 was profoundly exposed by a series of tragic and unjustified police misconduct cases captured on video, sparking outrage in the community and a modern civil rights movement that caused change.

On the platform, titled “A Model Approach to Comprehensive Police Reform”, lawyers Crump and Romanucci describe specific steps to increase policing professionalism, create accountability and transparency, and set specifications for recruitment and training practices to create national practices Law Enforcement Standards.

“We need to change the way the police see and treat black citizens. Too many officials look at a black person and assume that they are criminal or dangerous. They use excessive violence against black people even when they are restrained, pose no threat, and say they cannot breathe. This is a moment when permanent change between the police and colored people is possible. We have to act now, ”said Crump.

“Our country had a very painful year together, but it was a valuable watershed that brought to the surface the longstanding abuses of power by some police officers. Collective outrage and calls for change must be heard and respected by those who are able to move forward. Our platform calls on federal lawmakers to finally address this critical issue and establish national standards and accountability to build trust in our communities, ”said Romanucci.

Police experts contributed to the reform recommendations, including Geoff Alpert, expert in police training and culture, and Scott DeFoe, expert in the use of force by the police.

Crump and Romanucci said calls to defuse the police were misinterpreted and twisted into an attack on Black Lives Matter when their ultimate aim was to draw attention to the need to define an appropriate role for the police and appropriate training and fund reforms, which has resulted in improved accountability.

The two lawyers also explained that building trust between communities and police will require major changes and a set of federal standards common to all law enforcement agencies.

The proposals are a blueprint for reforms that will lead to greater transparency and accountability in order to improve trust between citizens and officials who have vowed to serve and protect them.

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