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Suffolk County District Attorney: Brighton Man Arraigned On Hate Crime Charges – INJURY ATTORNEY

Suffolk County District Attorney: Brighton Man Arraigned On Hate Crime Charges

July 8, 2021

BOSTON – The man charged with violently assaulting a rabbi in Brighton last week was charged with new hate crime charges today and will be held without bail pending a dangerousness hearing later this month, Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael said Rollins.

New details were released today during a trial before the Brighton Division of Boston City Court in the KHALED AWAD (24) case, most recently from Brighton. During today’s trial, Mr Awad has been charged with two new charges of hate crime: the commission of a civil rights violation with risk of injury; and armed attacks and battery to intimidate, resulting in assault while armed. He was previously charged on July 2, 2021, on seven counts related to the attack. A hazard hearing originally planned for today has been postponed to July 29, 2021. Mr. Awad will continue to be held without bail until this point while undergoing a criminal investigation ordered by Judge Steven Key.

During today’s indictment, Assistant District Attorney Margaret Hegarty, Senior Attorney for the Brighton District Attorney, released new details about the July 1, 2021 attack and the alleged attacker. ADA Hegarty told the court that Mr. Awad was present at the Shaloh House Jewish day school the day before the attack and behaved in suspicious manner that caused a witness to concern. This witness eventually took a picture of Mr. Awad to document his presence near the Jewish day school.

The next day, surveillance cameras recorded Mr. Awad approaching the victim, Rabbi Shlomo Noginski, on the steps of the Jewish day school when a children’s camp was in progress. Mr Awad reportedly drew what appeared to be a gun and requested the keys to the school car. The rabbi, startled, handed over the keys. Mr. Awad motioned for the rabbi to enter the van; At the same time he put the gun down and pulled out a knife, the prosecutor said.

Rabbi Noginski took this opportunity and ran away from Mr. Awad, screaming. It is alleged that Mr. Awab stabbed him nine times while trying to escape. The rabbi was taken to a nearby hospital and is recovering from his injuries.

Boston police have tracked down Mr. Awad in a nearby alley. He was armed and waved a gun at the officers. Boston police officers did an excellent policing job, de-escalating the interaction and convincing Mr. Awad to drop his gun. Mr. Awad was taken into custody with a fight but without firing a single weapon.

Meticulous and ongoing investigations by state, local and federal law enforcement agencies followed over the long weekend. There is now additional evidence to further support the new charges brought against Mr Awad this morning. In particular, witnesses reported that Mr. Awad had strong prejudices against Jews, Christians and American culture. He had repeatedly referred to Jews as “evil” and used other derogatory and degrading terms. The entirety of the circumstances suggests that the rabbi was likely targeted because of his religion. when he stood in front of the Jewish day school, in front of a huge menorah, dressed in a yarmulke, the keys to the school car in hand.

“We are here today because we want the Jewish community to know that we believe this violent attack was due to anti-Semitism. We will challenge that and specifically denounce that, “District Attorney Rollins said.” Everyone deserves to be free and to live without fear as their full, authentic selves. It is imperative that we denounce hatred and bigotry in all forms. Brighton and the Jewish community are now safe from this individual as he will be incarcerated until his July 29. “At this point the Commonwealth intends to carry out its burden and keep Mr. Awad out of the community until his trial and beyond.”

Crime victims and witnesses are encouraged to call 911 in an emergency. Additional resources are available for victims of hate crimes and biased acts. Massachusetts Civil Rights Attorney General Maura Healey can be reached at 617-963-2917 or individuals can file a civil rights complaint here. The Anti-Defamation League provides additional support for those who have experienced or witnessed incidents of hatred, and also provides educational resources and advocacy against hatred.

Community members affected by this attack or other acts of violence can obtain assistance through the Boston Neighborhood Trauma Team at or by calling 617-431-0125.

Michael Glennon is the assigned attorney for testimony. Mr Awad was represented today by Attorney Stephen Weymouth. He will return to court on July 29, 2021 for a hearing on all pending charges.

All accused persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond any doubt.
Suffolk County’s Office of District Attorney Rachael Rollins serves the communities of Boston, Chelsea, Revere, and Winthrop, Massachusetts. The office handles over 20,000 cases a year. More than 160 attorneys in the office practice in nine county and city courts, the Suffolk Superior Court, the Massachusetts Appeals Court, the Supreme Judicial Court, and the Boston Juvenile Courts. The office employs approximately 300 people and offers a wide range of services and programs for anyone involved in the criminal justice system. This office strives to educate the public about our services, our commitment to crime prevention, and our commitment to the safety of Suffolk County’s residents.

This news release was prepared by the Suffolk County District Attorney. The views expressed here are your own.

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