Personal Injury Attorney Robert Simon Explains How He Founded Justice HQ

A look at personal injury attorney Robert Simon and his permanent justice headquarters

Robert Simon is a personal injury attorney hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As a talented lawyer, he is also a technology freak. His vision of integrating technology into the legal space became a reality in the form of a technology-driven online attorney membership platform called Justice HQ. Today he tells how he became a personal injury attorney and founded the Justice Headquarters.

Robert’s wife is interested in entrepreneurship. Once she presented an idea to create a common workplace for talented women entrepreneurs. After a little research, the couple discovered that real estate was expensive for aspiring entrepreneurs. The same applies to lawyers who have just completed their law degree and intend to go out on their own. That was how Robert saw things work towards Justice Headquarters.

Soon they received résumés from lawyers interested in working with them. They also started getting 50 cases each week but found it difficult to include them all as most of them were not in their specialty. To find a solution, Marketing Director Teresa Diep Robert suggested an idea where they should open a WeWork space for lawyers and bring them under one roof. The idea was to develop a platform where all lawyers can communicate and work together. It would then be easy to assign the cases to the best lawyer possible. Although it took some time to find the right technology and build the platform, Justice HQ became a reality.

Robert’s entry into the legal world came while he was living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. When he was 12 years old, his uncle was paralyzed in a car accident. It made him think about fighting for people who don’t have voices of their own. He saw the pain his uncle suffered and how people took him for granted. At that point, he decided to become a personal injury attorney in the future. Today he has his own family – a wife and two daughters. He currently lives in California. He has a twin brother, Brad Simon, with whom he founded the Simon Law Group. His brother develops systems and manages the practice while he conducts experiments. Both have degrees in criminal justice from George Washington University. Robert’s entire family, including his father, stepmother, sisters, and mother, are involved in legal business. Together they help lawyers achieve a better work-life balance.

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