National Civil Rights Attorney Ben Crump releases statement on Kroger security guard who fired shot that killed Alvin Motley

MEMPHIS, Tennessee – Nationally renowned civil rights and personal injury attorney Ben Crump released the following statement about Gregory Livingston, the security guard who killed Alvin Motley after a verbal argument over loud music at a Kroger fuel center in Memphis on August 7th:

“It was reported that the man who killed Alvin Motley over loud music, Gregory Livingston, was not a licensed armed guard at the time of the shooting. Livingston was reportedly denied his license on two separate occasions and his application, filed last early August, was denied for breaking a law to work as an armed guard without a registration card. This begs the question, if he was denied his license and didn’t have one when he killed Alvin, then why was he on the Kroger grounds with a firearm pretending to be qualified and apparently with Kroger’s blessing ?

“There is no excuse for this oversight by Kroger and Allied Universal that led to the death of Alvin Motley. Livingston should have been fired immediately for breaking a law with a gun. It is more than obvious that Livingston was a threat to public safety who believed he had far more power than the rules and regulations allowed him, which ultimately led to Alvin’s death. If Kroger’s agents, employees, or the individuals they contract with don’t respect black life, then they shouldn’t expect our black dollars. “

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