Missouri Attorney General Awards Kansas City PD Officer For Valor

From the Kansas City Police Department:

February 4, 2021

A KCPD official was recognized today by the Missouri Attorney General for his extraordinary courage and valor in the service last June.

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“On the day Blaine Kennedy was stabbed – June 3, 2020 – most of the people in Kansas City were focused on rioting in the plaza,” said Chief Richard Smith. “They were unaware that a downtown KCPD Bike Patrol officer nearly lost his life trying to get help for a suicidal person. When protesters across the country called on police to use de-escalation techniques for people in mental crisis Using this, Officer Kennedy did just the self after he was stabbed, Officer Kennedy managed to track down the suspect and keep him safe, his commitment to the duty and protection of the people of Kansas City is an inspiration to all of us . “

Attorney General Eric Schmitt presented Officer Kennedy with his office’s Back the Blue Award on February 4th at KCPD headquarters.

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“Missouri law enforcement officers risk their lives every day to ensure the safety and sanctity of the communities they are sworn to protect. Police officers go to work every day without knowing if they will return it to their families create.” at night, “said Attorney General Schmitt.” Officer Kennedy went way beyond duty and worked continuously to arrest a suspect who may have harmed the community after being seriously injured. It was an honor to present him with the Back the Blue Award today. “

On June 3, 2020, Officer Kennedy was dropped on an undisclosed medical call and contacted a man who used drugs and made suicide threats. While waiting for an ambulance, the suspect kept trying to get away from Officer Kennedy. To keep him from going any further before the ambulance could arrive, Officer Kennedy put his hand on the suspect’s shoulder. At that point, the suspect pulled out a black kitchen knife and stabbed Officer Kennedy in the chest over his body armor. Officer Kennedy then drew his gun. Seeing this, the suspect dropped his knife and ran away.

Despite being seriously injured, Officer Kennedy, who was still bleeding, continued to pursue the suspect and arrested him after a 10-15 meter chase. Officer Kennedy never lost sight of the suspect and kept his composure. He was able to get the suspect to lie down and hold him at gunpoint until the assisting officers could arrive. During that time, Officer Kennedy was on his hands and knees, feeling like he was going to pass out.

“Most of the time, I was just thinking about how to stop this guy from hurting someone else,” Officer Kennedy said. “… It’s been a tough day. Given all that has happened, I can still do my job as I have learned and continue to be a proud member of this police department.”

Officer Kennedy was off duty for nearly three months and was recovering from his injuries.

The Attorney General’s Back the Blue Award recognizes law enforcement agencies across the state for incredible courage and courage in service or for exceptional service to the community.

This news release was prepared by the Kansas City Police Department. The views expressed here are the author’s own.

To request the removal of your name from an arrest report, please send these required items to [email protected].

Missouri Attorney General Awards Kansas City PD Officer for Valor

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