Joe Stephens of the Stephens Law Firm Discusses Choosing the Best Personal Injury Attorney

Choosing an injury attorney isn’t easy, but you can narrow it down with these tips from Joe Stephens of The Stephens Law Firm

Choose an attorney who specializes in personal injury law

Personal injury is a broad area of ​​law that covers a wide range of specialized practices. With that in mind, an attorney general may not be the right choice for your personal injury case. You need a lawyer who has the appropriate skills and experience in dealing with insurance companies and who can effectively defend your rights in court if the insurance company does not offer an adequate amount of compensation. Choosing a lawyer who doesn’t specialize in personal injury law is not going to give you the best legal representation you need.

A good lawyer has experience in the courtroom

You will find that many attorneys who claim to be the best personal injury attorneys around you have never entered a courtroom. Such an attorney will accept to work on your case but will ultimately pressure you to accept an offer to settle down at low balls. Remember that in insurance there are often teams of highly qualified lawyers working for you. And if they know that your lawyer has no obligation to take your case to court, they will take full advantage of it and make very low offers or even deny your claim. If your attorney finds that he is being cornered, he will pressure you to accept the offer available.

Proven track record of high judgments and comparisons

The best lawyer should be able to reach a high judgment or settlement when you have a large case with serious injuries. Find out how many million dollar judgments your prospective attorney has made over the years. The Million Dollar Advocates is a respected organization of attorneys who have successfully tried cases worth a million dollars and more. If you think your case is worth this amount, make sure you get a knowledgeable personal injury attorney who will provide the best outcome for your case.

Choose a personal injury attorney who is already a member of the state and national litigation attorney group

A reputable attorney will always try to connect with other reputable lawyers in the industry. Insurance companies are known to use tricks and techniques to discredit injured victims. It is therefore imperative that you work with a professional personal injury attorney who is knowledgeable, up to date and one step ahead of insurance companies.

Does the lawyer have sufficient resources to guarantee the best result?

It is always important to visit your prospective attorney’s facility to look around and ask relevant questions before keeping their services. Does the firm look like the lawyer is successful and doing well? Find out if the attorney has personal assets or a line of credit that will allow them to properly prepare and handle your case. Don’t forget that personal injury preparation with serious injury can be costly. Your lawyer will need to work with a number of experts to make a solid case for you. A successful attorney will ask several medical specialists to testify in court. Your attorney may also need to work with accident reconstruction specialists, economists, biomechanics, life care planners, and vocational rehabilitation specialists. When you combine these and many other factors, it becomes clear why a single personal injury preparation can cost up to $ 100,000. Make sure your prospective attorney has sufficient resources to cover the cost of hiring the best experts on the case.

A reputable lawyer will be happy to provide you with a reference list

A reputable personal injury attorney will not hesitate to provide a reference list upon request. These are previous clients who worked with the lawyer. A good lawyer will have many satisfied clients. If your potential Sacramento personal injury attorney is unwilling to let you speak to their past clients, that should serve as an important red flag. This is an indication that the lawyer has been less reliable with previous clients and that it is best to find another lawyer. You will also have a website that has a lot of great information on how this law firm does.

Imagine an attorney who has written and taught in the personal injury field

Find an attorney who has written in the personal injury field. It is also worth considering whether the attorney has appeared on television shows teaching the public about personal injury. These are some of the signs that the attorney has acquired a great deal of authority and respect in this area.

So there you have some of the most important factors to consider when choosing a personal injury attorney for your case.

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