Is Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney Important in Getting Fair Compensation?


While it is technically possible to process your claim yourself, the help of an experienced personal injury attorney can be of great benefit to you.

Often times, people still hold the widespread misconception that contacting lawyers comes at expensive legal fees. But that’s not the case, attorneys these days offer their clients free initial consultations and some law firms have a contingency fee basis which means they won’t even make you pay until they win your case.

With this in mind, don’t be afraid to contact an attorney, especially if your case requires it. Handling your own case while recovering from serious injuries can be quite challenging and can affect the results of your claim.

Well, here are some reasons why hiring a personal injury attorney can help you get adequate compensation.


Your case involves complex legal issues

There are very few personal injury claims that do not involve complicated legal issues.

In order to be entitled to compensation, an injured party must prove:

  • That the defendant owes them a legal duty of care,
  • That the defendant violated this duty,
  • That the plaintiff was injured as a result, and
  • The exact value of the victim’s losses.

Each of these is a separate legal element with a specific meaning. Experienced damages attorneys understand each of these elements in detail and know what kind of evidence is required to convince a claims adjuster or jury. It is difficult – if not impossible – for an injury victim with no legal experience to understand and prove these elements. Even if they produce evidence, the insurance company can simply deny compliance with the legal standard. An injury protection attorney knows how to fight back on complex legal issues, but you can’t expect to know everything about the area of ​​law. And you really shouldn’t have to research personal injury law while trying to recover from painful injuries, schedule your doctor’s appointments, and catch up on lost hours at work.

Source: Vonder Haar Law Firms

They will work on your personal injury case immediately

Once you hire a personal injury attorney, you won’t be wasting time. They will work on your case immediately and conduct their own investigations and analyzes. Lawyers can expedite your personal injury case while you focus on your own recovery. You understand that time is important and that California law only gives you up to two years to file your compensation claim. An early start also gives you the advantage of being prepared in the event of setbacks.

You save time and stress

Hiring a personal injury attorney can save you a lot of time and stress. If you are handling your case alone, you will need to communicate back and forth with insurance experts and the other parties involved. This can be pretty overwhelming, especially if you are still recovering from your injuries. Your personal injury attorney can assist you with obtaining medical records, medical bills, insurance liens, reviewing police reports, and medical records. You can also communicate with insurance experts on your behalf.

Source: CM Attorneys at Law

You work on a contingency fee basis

If you’re considering hiring an attorney because you are concerned about legal fees, most California attorneys actually follow a contingency fee basis. That means they don’t ask for prepayment. Most lawyers also offer their clients a free initial consultation. During the initial interview, they will examine your case and explain in detail how they can help you.

They can tell you when to settle or file a lawsuit

Personal injury can be quite complicated. This can be especially confusing to people who are unfamiliar with how the law works. Your attorney is professionally trained to help decide when to settle or file a lawsuit. There are circumstances when insurance companies or the other party try to get you to settle for less, which can put you at risk of receiving significantly less monetary compensation.

When you have a lawyer by your side, they can advise you on the value of your case. Lawyers have the experience and knowledge that can help you make the right decisions for your case.

Source: Zirkin and Schmerling Law

They do the paperwork for you

Claiming personal injury is a lengthy process and a lot of paperwork. The contracts and fine print written by the parties involved can be quite confusing and overwhelming to read on your own. A personal injury attorney can handle all of the paperwork on your behalf. You will be able to understand and read the fine print so that you are not misled into signing your rights to these companies.

They can get you a higher settlement

Hiring a lawyer can potentially increase your chances of reaching a higher settlement. Despite the legal fees, injured victims can get higher compensation from their case with the help of their lawyer. Most of the time, victims seek help from lawyers after insurance companies deny them the compensation they deserve.

Source: Westmoreland Injury Lawyers

In the end, it usually pays off

One of the most common reasons injury victims might not want to hire a lawyer is cost. First of all, it is important to understand that many personal injury attorneys do not require an upfront payment. You work on a contingency. But despite this fact, some injured people do not want to share their settlement proceeds with a lawyer. Again, this is certainly your decision, but it overlooks a fundamental fact. Personal injury cases handled by an attorney are consistently more suited than cases where the victim negotiates the claim himself. If you refuse to hire a lawyer, you might have less money in your pocket anyway.

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