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Q: My husband was injured at work. He won’t speak to a lawyer or sue his employer for fear of losing his job. What are his rights?

Sharon, Florence, AL

A: Well, we don’t bite. At least not our own customers. Joel and I both handle workplace injury cases. The law related to the Alabama Workers Compensation Act is complicated, and the injured worker’s attorney is limited by law to 15% of the recovery.

It is always our goal to make money for our customers. We make sure they understand the decisions made by law regarding accidents and injuries in the workplace. We talk to people for free and we love to rate cases and tell people if we can pay our own way by making them money.

Employee compensation is directed towards four (4) main areas. The first is Temporary Total Disability (TTD) payments, which are made for the length of time a worker is unable to work after an injury and before they are fired by a doctor. The TTD is two thirds (2/3) of the employee’s remuneration, which in some cases is adjusted to the payment of health insurance by the employer. Usually this amount is averaged over the last 52 weeks prior to the injury.

Worker Compensation pays medical expenses for an injury, including medical bills, prescription drug costs, and miles to and from medical appointments. An employee can fire their doctor and request a list of four (4) doctors and choose one. First, talk to a lawyer.

Employee compensation pays for permanent injury. Certain violations are included in a schedule, such as: B. the loss of a finger or a hand. For example, losing a little finger pays off in 16 weeks. Back injuries are considered professional and if you don’t return to the same wage level, you can calculate how much less money you will make for a percentage of the professional loss. Job losses pay up to 99% loss and 300 weeks Pay for life for serious, permanent injury that makes someone 100% incapacitated.

Employee compensation pays for professional retraining in certain situations when recommended by a doctor. I have handled cases where my clients have received training in computer-oriented work as opposed to hard physical labor due to back injuries, and the employer’s insurance company has to pay the cost of retraining the worker.

I would love to speak to your husband and answer any question he has.

Buckle up, drive safely and as always, your recommendations will be appreciated! 256-764-0112

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