Georgia Elections Officials Investigate Bay County Attorney

Election officials in Georgia are investigating a Bay County attorney after he publicly announced last month that he would be standing to vote in the state when he has no plans to live there.

Panama City Beach-based personal injury attorney Bill Price said his number one goal is to get a vote in the upcoming Senate runoff.

Last week, WFSU news first lit a Facebook live stream video in which Price told other GOP supporters that he intended to register to vote at his brother’s address in Hiram, a suburb of Atlanta . The video is no longer available on the local party’s page.

Price told Republicans at the local party headquarters in Panama City that he intended to relocate his voter registration back to Florida after the Georgia runoff on Jan. 5.

“If I need to have a driver’s license, I’ll get a driver’s license. I’m moving to Georgia and starting today,” Price said. “If you need mail, I’ll have it.” Post there. We will win back America. And we have to start in Georgia. ”

Debbie Wood, Bay County GOP chairman, was at the meeting with Price. She later told WFSU News that she didn’t think Price’s remarks were serious.

“He was at the height of yours, knowing so much passion, so much dedication and so much that you know what we’re up to,” Price said. “He withdrew after thinking about what he really said. But that’s fine. It shows that people, Trump supporters – real Trump supporters – have a passion for what they believe in. And we might speak wrong from time to time. ”

Atlanta-based ABC subsidiary WSB-TV recently reported that Price had actually tried to register on his brother’s address.

In Georgia, registering to vote with the intention of leaving after the election is a criminal offense. Anyone convicted could face up to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $ 100,000.

Georgian Foreign Minister Brad Raffensperger has confirmed to several outlets that his office is investigating the video and Price is trying to register for a vote in the state.

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