Former Washington Attorney Charged in $1.8M Theft of Settlements

Former Washington attorney Patrick Kim has been tried in the King County Superior Court on three cases of first degree theft and ten cases of second degree theft, all crimes involving clients’ insurance contracts.

Washington Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler’s Criminal Police investigated the case following a referral from the Washington State Bar Association.

Kim was the managing partner of United law firm in Bellevue until he resigned from prosecution in September 2017 after an investigation into his conduct. United law firm specializes in criminal law, immigration and naturalization, personal injury and traffic offenses, according to WSBA.

Kreidler’s detectives reportedly found evidence that Kim stole $ 1.8 million from customers who had received settlements from at least 15 insurance companies. The investigation allegedly found that he had not properly recorded fees and other accounting documents and misrepresented amounts to his customers.

“This is a case in which a lawyer abuses the trust of his clients, many of whom had a language barrier,” Kreidler said in a statement. “It appears that Mr. Kim took advantage of this to withdraw settlement funds that should have gone to his customers and, in some cases, the insurance companies.”

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