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SAN DIEGO, April 9, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Winning a disability claim isn’t easy. There are a lot a lawyer has to prove to a judge.

“The cards are really stacked against one person,” says the leading disability attorney in San Diego Matty Sandoval. “The Social Security Agency is a maze of bureaucracy and paperwork, appeals and deadlines. It’s nearly impossible to win a case if you don’t have a lawyer.”

Disability attorney Matty M. Sandoval and his team

For the past 30+ years, Sandoval has successfully helped eligible applicants qualify for Social Security and SSI disability benefits. But he’s not only focused on winning, he’s also motivated to educate others about the common good process.

“Often customers don’t understand why they’re being turned down,” said Sandoval. “What they don’t understand is that you are not only sick and injured and therefore disabled.”

Employees of the law firms of Matty Sandoval really want what’s best for each of their customers because they really care about them. For this reason, Sandoval strives to help the community better understand and control claims and present the best possible case to the judge.

Sandoval said it was important to speak to leaders of nonprofits and foundations to educate them about the disability process in order to better serve this vulnerable population.

“Part of my public relations work is training nonprofit lawyers, case managers, and social workers how I do it in hopes that they never have to go to court,” he said.

During these training sessions, Sandoval teaches the process and law in relation to the respective industries and ends with a 15 to 20 minute question and answer session.

It comes down to getting the right evidence into a lawsuit before a judge, who in turn is responsible for conducting a credibility test based on medical evidence to support his decision.

“Evidence of how a person’s condition limits them is critical,” Sandoval said. “You need evidence on your side.”

Any person claiming a disability must have an underlying medical problem or impairment – what doctors call a diagnosis. Any injury or illness that leads to functional impairment, mentally or physically, can be viewed as impairment.

However, Sandoval said that a diagnosis alone is not enough to determine a disability, it just sets the process in motion. Symptoms are noted after a diagnosis. Examples include seizures, migraine headaches, and mental illness.

“What determines whether or not a person is disabled are work-related limitations,” he said. “Most importantly, how does your pain limit you?”

How long can you sit and stand Can you bend down How much weight can you carry and for how long? “These are things that define a person’s disability,” Sandoval said. “I work with anyone who works with people who cannot work to help the disabled population.”

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Disability attorney Matty M. Sandoval and his team

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