District Attorney’s Office Calls For Official Review Of Controversial Arrest Of Karen Garner – CBS Denver

LOVELAND, Colorado (CBS4) – The 8th District Attorney’s Office is calling for an official review of Karen Garner’s arrest on June 26, 2020. The arrest met with widespread criticism after Garner’s attorney announced an excessive lawsuit against the Loveland Police Department.

73-year-old Garner, whose attorney says he has dementia and sensory aphasia, has been arrested for allegedly stealing more than $ 13 worth of goods from a Walmart.

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(Credit: The Life & Liberty Law Firm)

District Attorney Gordon McLaughlin’s office said Monday that investigating authorities had agreed to an independent criminal investigation into the arrest.

“The investigation is being led by Fort Collins Police Services and, if necessary, assisted by investigators from the District Attorney and other partner agencies, including the Colorado District Attorney and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. That will also judge the matter, ”said McLaughlin’s office.

In a video of a body-worn camera of the responding policeman, you can hear the policeman trying to get Garner to stop. When he catches up with her, she walks on, but finally stops. She refuses to speak to him and the officer reaches for Garner to arrest her.

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(Credit: The Life & Liberty Law Firm)

The two fight, and Garner is forced to the ground and held back. Her lawyer says she was hogtied and kept saying, “I’m going home.” A fight continued and Garner’s attorney said her arm was broken and her shoulder was severed at that point.

Loveland police chief Robert Ticer told CBS4’s Dillon Thomas he was unaware of Garner’s injuries until he saw the lawsuit.

“We will do an independent investigation. We’re going to have to work through the lawsuit. And to be honest, we weren’t aware of the grievous bodily harm. We were told that for the first time yesterday, ”said Ticer.

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The chief officer concerned was taken on administrative leave, while the other parties involved were transferred to administrative duties.

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