Defense Attorney Kim Cook Moves to Boutique, Focusing on Malpractice, Personal Injury Cases

Michael picture left and Kim Cook right. Photos with kind permission

Attorney Kim Cook has focused on commercial and personal injury defense for more than 30 years and will now serve both plaintiff and defense matters at the Davis Goldman Miami boutique.

In the past few weeks, litigation boutique has added Partner Cook, formerly a partner in Am Law 200 law firm Goldberg Segalla, and litigation attorney Michael Bild, formerly Genovese Joblove. They will deal with COVID-related cases as well as other issues related to personal injury and the rising number of trade disputes against hedge funds and real estate companies, CEO Aaron Davis said in an interview.

“I’ve been a defense attorney my entire life, and Aaron has an interesting mix of litigation and high-profile plaintiffs,” Cook said in an interview. “I thought my experience might complement what he already did, so I joined the company, brought my defense clients with me, and here we are.”

Cook, formerly executive partner of Sedgwick’s Miami office and first president of the Miami chapter of the American Board of Trial Advocates, will balance her time between plaintiffs and their defense clients. Your experience in pinpointing the root cause of malpractice and personal injury cases will be vital to Davis Goldman’s practice, Davis said, especially for cases related to COVID-19.

“Kim is one of the premier medical misconduct attorneys in South Florida,” said Davis. “It can investigate the causes of damage in cases that are at the forefront of litigation over personal injury.”

The cause will be especially difficult to prove for cases related to COVID-19, Davis said, as attorneys will need to prove that a defendant caused the plaintiff to contract the virus – a major challenge for an airborne disease. As the science changes, Cook said plaintiffs attorneys should expect challenges from their experts.

“It is very helpful to have someone like Kim here to understand the pros and cons of the world of medical malpractice and causes,” said Davis.

Davis said that in addition to COVID-related medical malpractice work, the company is handling more trade disputes with hedge funds and real estate companies as high-end solvent companies become more contentious.

“There’s less fear of judgment,” said Davis. “There are more legal disputes for companies willing to end because they know that we cannot simply be brought to justice. But our company is ready to do the same. We will not settle or resolve a case for less than its worth. “Davis has settled Goldman more than $ 40 million in cases over the past 16 months, Davis said.

Image, who has a background in high-end commercial litigation, will assist with the company’s additional commercial work cases and learn personal injury practice from Cook. “Michael wasn’t involved in the personal injury world, so we saw Kim as an opportunity for Michael to see both sides of the personal injury world,” said Davis.

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