Dave Cates, Leading Attorney, Joins NAOPIA’s “TOP 10” List of Personal Injury Lawyers

Litigation attorney in Illinois David Cates was recently named one of the “TOP 10” attorneys of the National Academy of Personal Injury Attorneys (NAOPIA) based on his proven expertise in the field of law. Cates is now among the less than 1% of attorneys in the United States to have received this prestigious award.

NAOPIA, the leading personal injury attorney organization in the United States, is dedicated to recognizing the best attorneys in the law today. According to NAOPIA, selecting the best lawyers from more than a million lawyers in the country is undoubtedly a challenge. However, the academy uses a rigorous process to determine who will receive the “TOP 10” award and this year found that Cates has shown a remarkable amount of success, expertise, experience, skill and knowledge.

To earn a spot on the NAOPIA list, an attorney must not only be licensed, but also have an excellent reputation in his or her state. Your attorney must also be a private attorney with at least five years of personal injury experience. In addition, the attorney must have received a nomination from the NAOPIA academic staff or other licensed practicing attorney.

Cates said he was humble about the honor and looked forward to continuing to practice as a lawyer at a level worthy of both his license and NAOPIA’s “TOP 10” award.

About David Cates

David Cates is the co-founder of Cates Mahoney, LLC, based in Swansea, Illinois. His law firm specializes in a variety of personal injury, including class and mass crime lawsuits. Cates’ other areas of expertise include civil rights and workplace discrimination. He has served the needs of numerous customers in southern Illinois including the Granite City, Carbondale, and Edwardsville areas.

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About David Cates

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