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Attorney Tony Buzbee offers update in Deshaun Watson case – INJURY ATTORNEY

Attorney Tony Buzbee offers update in Deshaun Watson case

There has been very little information lately about the sexual assault allegations against Deshaun Watson, but the lawyer representing the alleged victims posted an update this week.

Tony Buzbee, the lawyer for the massage therapists who filed lawsuits against Watson, said in an Instagram post Thursday that his clients are still not interested in reaching an agreement. However, he left the possibility of settlements open when he said “at least not yet”.

“As I said, there will be no agreement, at least for the foreseeable future,” wrote Buzbee. “I have my best people in case. That should tell you a lot about our intentions. “

Buzbee said his legal team was preparing to try each of the prosecutors’ cases before a jury. He also put down the theory that he suddenly “fell silent” while working on a settlement with Watson and quarterback attorney Rusty Hardin. You can see the full Instagram post below:

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