Attorney Sentenced to Jail for Stealing $650,000 Comp Settlement| Workers Compensation News

Thursday, March 25, 2021 | 23 | 0 | min read

A disbarrassed New York City attorney was ordered to spend one to four years in state prison after pleading guilty to stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from an employee compensation agreement to assist in the recovery after he was convicted of nearly $ 230,000 Stealing from another client Suffolk Daily Voice report.

Alfred DiGiolomo Jr. pleaded guilty to three major thefts in December for defrauding two clients in a workers’ compensation case.

Prosecutors said DiGiolomo fraudulently coordinated a $ 100,000 loan in 2016 from a client to a married couple pursuing a claim for federal employee compensation. DiGiolomo reportedly said that the couple would repay the loan with interest once they received their statement, but he did not tell the couple about the loan.

Instead, he allegedly forged the man’s signature on the agreement and deposited $ 100,000 in his business account.

In October 2018, he pocketed $ 125,000 from a real estate transaction that was supposed to go to a client.

In April 2019, DiGiolomo pleaded guilty to theft and had to pay $ 230,000 in restitution.

In June 2019, he received a settlement check for $ 650,000 from the couple’s comp claim, signed the names on the check without their consent, and deposited the money into his business account.

He used $ 130,000 to complete the refund of his previous conviction. The rest of the money was used for credit card payments, to eat out in restaurants, furnish his home, and cover business expenses.

Although DiGiolomo was entitled to only $ 195,000 in fees and expenses for his work in this case, only $ 800 remained of the settlement as of November 2019.

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