Attorney Mark Nicholson Wins Big for His Client

Attorney Mark Nicholson

Indianapolis, IN (Newswire Law Firm) December 26, 2020 – Indianapolis-based attorney Mark Nicholson recently received a six-figure payout for his client after filing a civil lawsuit.

Recently, Attorney Mark Nicholson reached a six-digit settlement in a personal injury lawsuit for his client. In no way is this judgment an anomaly. In the past two months alone, Nicholson has settled cases totaling over $ 200,000.

Despite his continued success, the veteran attorney does not believe that financial compensation can bring customers back to normal. In a previous interview, he said, “I fight hard for my customers. However, no amount of money can replace the physical and mental injuries of my customers.”

Nicholson said, “I am pleased to stand up to these billion dollar big corporations and the government when they are responsible for causing harm to someone.”

Nicholson single-handedly founded Mark Nicholson’s law firm in 2011. He once said, “I started my law firm to fight a travesty of justice, and I do.”

With the help of Paralegal, Alexandria Samons, Nicholson provides a variety of legal services, including fighting criminal charges, handling maintenance disputes, protecting civil rights and filing personal injury claims. Although primarily seeking justice for victims of car accidents, the attorney also files personal injury claims for falls and dog bite injuries.

About Mark Nicholson

A former combat veteran in the U.S. Army, he was admitted to the Indiana bar in 2009. He is an associate professor at Indiana University’s McKinney School of Law and a former supervisor and trainer of attorneys for the Marion County Public Defender Agency. Attorney Nicholson has been featured in Indianapolis Monthly, WTHR TV13 News, Indiana Lawyer, and ACLU Carrying the Torch.

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