Attorney Explains Benefits of Hiring an Atlanta Head-On-Collision Lawyer on Contingency Fee – Press Release

Attorney Harry Brown Jr., a leading Atlanta auto accident attorney, published a blog post to help head-on collision victims hire an affordable attorney. The blog post advises victims to hire an attorney for a contingent fee and only pay after they get a favorable outcome.

Brown Firm, an Atlanta-based law firm, is known for its personalized approach and ensuring high client compensation. The blog talks about the impact of head-on collisions on the victim’s budget. It says: “Car accidents can quickly drain your budget. You have to pay for medical treatments like hospital bills and medical expenses. Usually you also lose your wages due to absenteeism. In head-on collisions, the cars involved are usually broken and the victim must do the repairs or buy a new car. “

The injuries could force a head-on collision victim to seek medical attention immediately. It can be lengthy and costly depending on the severity of the injury. The cost of repairing the damaged car and property adds to the financial burden. The injury can lead to lost work and wages. An injured victim may have to pay out of pocket for treatment. All of these issues can be helped with an Atlanta auto accident attorney on board to initiate the legal process to claim compensation.

Hiring an attorney for a contingent fee can take some of the stress out. A contingent fee is an arrangement in which a customer does not pay an upfront fee. Instead, the attorney agrees to receive a fixed percentage of the compensation granted. If there is no billing, there is no fee. Lawyers can also help set up treatment that can be done with no prepayment. With this arrangement, clients can get adequate medical treatment without having to worry about legal fees.

Attorney Brown: “We understand that in this situation it can be difficult to pay a lawyer to handle your case. We also know that there is no time to lose filing a lawsuit. So don’t pay for your case until we win it! Helping others is our priority and that is why we are working on a contingent fee. “

At the same time, the blog recommends hiring a direct conflict attorney in Atlanta and not fighting the case personally. When car accidents do not have a lawyer, insurance companies try to offer the lowest possible amount, which is often inadequate compensation. A person skilled in the art will be better able to negotiate with enemy insurance companies. A lawyer is more aware of the rights of an injured person and can defend the claim more effectively. He can take on the legal burden, gather and compile evidence, and negotiate while the victim focuses on less stressful recovery.

In case of negotiations that do not lead to the desired result, the personal injury attorney takes the claim to the next level and files a lawsuit. He fights tirelessly for the victim of the head-on collision. Only an attorney can secure compensation for physical suffering, loss of property, medical expenses, pain, lost wages and emotional distress.

Attorney Brown is a licensed chiropractor and a lawyer specializing in automobile accidents. He understands an injured person’s problems in a head-on collision better than others and is known to devote special attention and time to such cases. He brings his medical and legal experience to the fore to raise standards and meet client expectations through an individual approach and representation that is characterized by compassion and empathic support and meets their expectations.

Brown Firm in Atlanta offers free consultation to those in need of direct conflict attorney services. Visit The Brown Firm’s website or contact us by phone or email. They are open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


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