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Attorney Commentary – Physical Therapist David Renner Accused of Sexually Assaulting a Patient – INJURY ATTORNEY

Attorney Commentary – Physical Therapist David Renner Accused of Sexually Assaulting a Patient

Physiotherapist David Renner was arrested for sexually assaulting a patient

According to FOX 4, a former Carrollton Baylor Scott and White physical therapist was arrested on a sexual charge stemming from a therapeutic massage session in 2019.

David Renner, 50, is accused of assaulting a woman who was hospitalized with a hip injury. The incident was reported a few days after it occurred.

After being suspended and not allowed to return to Baylor Scott and White, he continued to work in North Texas and is currently working as a PT at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Frisco.

Renner was arrested on March 31, after being indicted by a Denton County grand jury. He was released for a $ 20,000 bond, according to The Dallas Morning News.

Legal options for victims who are sexually abused by a doctor

Attorney Marc Lenahan is an experienced attorney who works with victims of sexual abuse. In an interview, he shared some of his findings and knowledge about the rights of victims who have been sexually abused by a doctor.

“Doctors and all medical professionals are respected by their communities as intelligent people who are experts at all times. Patients instill trust in doctors and seek appropriate guidance from them. Unfortunately, many doctors across the country abuse their bonds with their patients and act as predators . “

“When medical professionals act inappropriately, our judicial system is designed to prosecute those individuals for their crimes. There are grounds for civil action when patients are sexually abused by their doctors. Sexual misconduct by a doctor often results from negligence on behalf of an employer and their inability to prevent wrongdoing. In cases of negligence, victims can file civil lawsuits and receive financial compensation for damages. “


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