Attorney Commentary | 15 Killed in SUV and Truck Collision on Route 115

15 Killed in a collision between an SUV and a tractor-trailer

According to the New York Times, there was a car accident in Southern California between an SUV and a gravel truck. Accident reports say at least 15 people were killed. The crash occurred in El Centro, California on State Route 115.

El Centro Regional Medical Center emergency room director Judy Cruz reported that 14 people were found dead at the scene. Seven people were taken to the El Centro Regional Medical Center and two to the Pioneers Memorial Hospital. One of the victims at El Centro Regional Medical Center died in hospital.

It was believed that there were 27 passengers in the SUV who hit the semi-trailer, Ms. Cruz reported. According to a California Highway Patrol spokesman Jake Sanchez, the Ford SUV’s legal capacity was 7-8 people. The truck driver suffered minor injuries in the accident.

Financial compensation for truck accident injuries

Attorney Bobby Thompson, a seasoned personal injury attorney, represents people injured in truck and other automobile accidents. In the following, Bobby gave an insight into the legal rights of people injured in car accidents with tractor units.

“People who have been injured in a car accident almost always have significant personal and financial difficulties after the accident, especially medical expenses and lost wages. The injured should know their options for financial compensation. In addition to the financial benefits provided by the insurance, the injured may have cause for personal injury lawsuit. “

“In truck accidents, there may be grounds for legal action against the driver, the truck company, or both parties. In such cases, an unlawful death lawsuit may be brought against the driver in the event of injury or death. If the driver’s negligence caused the accident, the driver and the company can be held liable. Individuals injured in such accidents should seek the services of an experienced lawyer to find out more about their legal options. “


The New York Times

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