Attorney Billy Johnson Wins the Largest Verdict in Kentucky Since the Courts Reopened After Covid Shut-down

PIKEVILLE, KY, June 4, 2021 / 24-7PressRelease / – Johnson Law Firm’s attorney Billy Johnson announced today that he has won a major win in the first Pike County’s trial since the courts closed due to Covid in the spring of 2020. Billy Johnson was joined by another Johnson Law Firm attorney, Brittney Schaeffer, who served as vice chairman.

“The $ 497,611 judgment, awarded by a jury, includes damages for past and future medical expenses, pain and suffering,” said Billy Johnson. “Kentucky law allows victims of vehicle accidents caused by the negligence or negligence of someone else to file a lawsuit for compensation for their harm, payment of their costs, as well as less tangible intangibles such as pain and suffering, psychological includes fear and emotional distress. ”

Johnson described the case where a 71-year-old woman was injured when she was a passenger in a vehicle that her husband was driving.

As the couple left the church, the husband reversed from a parking lot in front of the church onto a two-lane road so they could head west. The church is opposite a sharp bend. Signs warned motorists approaching the church and warned them to reduce their speed for the curve.

However, when the car was backing up onto the road, an uninsured driver who was also heading west came around the corner at a speed of 55 to 58 mph and exited the car that was occupied by Johnson’s customer.

The woman suffered injuries to her lower back, head and neck from the impact. She has suffered significant pain and suffering since the crash. Since the driver of the other vehicle was uninsured, Johnson sued his customer’s own insurance company to collect the uninsured auto insurance that the customer had purchased. During the litigation and trial, the insurance company argued that the wreck was caused by its own insured, the plaintiff’s husband. The company also argued that the plaintiff was not injured despite having had surgery on her neck as a result of the collision. The insurance company commissioned experts to support these arguments. The insurance company’s top offer to Johnson and his clients prior to the trial was $ 25,000.

At the trial before a judge and jury, Johnson had to prove that the uninsured driver was responsible for the accident. Johnson also had to prove that his client’s injuries were caused by the collision and not by any other circumstance or injury. In any case, proving negligence and injuries requires a long investigative process. In this case, the Johnson Law Firm’s legal team was able to be on site within days to investigate the incident and gather evidence. Johnson hired an accident reconstructor to reconstruct the accident and testify live in court. He also obtained and reviewed his client’s medical records, diagnostic studies and films, as well as medical records from the time of the crash to the time to get a full understanding of her injuries. During the trial, he had his client’s doctors testify on her behalf both live in the courtroom and through video testimony.

A particular turning point in this case came when Vice-Chairperson Brittney Schaeffer successfully argued that the defense medical expert opinion should be removed. This hampered defense efforts to argue that Johnson’s client was not injured by the autocollision. The insurance company had no experts to testify on its behalf in court.

In closing arguments, just before the jury decided on the verdict, Johnson attacked the insurance company for failing to pay a long-term insured’s claim. He also talked about how well he got to know his client in the course of her case and how he admired her hard work and courage as she survived her injuries into her 70s. Johnson stated that he studied law to work for hardworking people in the mountains and that he would like to fight for them if their own insurance companies turn against them.

While Johnson received nearly half a million dollars in judgment for this client, the amounts of damages in vehicle accidents can vary widely, depending on circumstances such as the severity and duration of the injuries, and the negligence and insurance coverage of the defendants.

Billy Johnson knows from experience roughly what a case should be worth and how much damages clients should receive based on the circumstances of the accident and the other factors involved.

The client knew Johnson Law Firm from television commercials and billboards. A colleague also had a family member represented by Billy Johnson and she recommended him warmly. The client liked that Johnson did what he said in his commercials – he went to the scene and investigated the cause of the accident. The client’s decision to partner with Johnson Law Firm helped her win in court.

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“We’re glad we were the first case since the courts closed over a year ago to be heard by a Pike County jury. We are very pleased that we were able to achieve this result for our customer, ”said Johnson about the judgment and jury award. “It is an honor to have the largest verdict in the state since the shutdown. Every success we have in court means that our client receives the compensation they need to get on with their life after a serious injury that may have changed them indefinitely. ”

William “Billy” Johnson lives in Pike County, Kentucky and has practiced law since 1998. He is a private pilot with instrument assessment and travels frequently across the country sourcing expertise and the necessary resources for each client’s case. Johnson Law Firm deals with automobile accidents as well as injuries to the spine, brain, and other catastrophic injuries.

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