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Brown Firm, based in Atlanta, Georgia, has published a blog entitled “How Do I Prove My Pain and Suffering After a Car Accident?” In the blog post, Atlanta auto accident law firms offer advice on how to get justice in a car accident. The blog post explains that being injured in a car accident due to someone else’s negligence results in them having to pay for the victim’s pain and suffering.

Harry Brown Jr., DC, JD of The Brown Firm notes that once the victim proves the culprit’s guilt for the accident and injuries, the next crucial issue is financial loss. This evidence is essential so that victims can be compensated for the damage and injury they need to rebuild their lives. Medical bills and receipts are evidence of post-accident medical expenses, but damage for injuries is not limited to financial expenses and property damage. A victim has pain and suffering in and after a car accident that they can compensate for.

“You have to be able to prove pain and suffering and justify it to an adjuster. Spending a dollar amount on pain and suffering can be complicated, which is why having an experienced auto accident attorney in Atlanta is helpful. An experienced car accident attorney can calculate pain and suffering and prove beyond doubt, ”adds Harry Brown.

After a car accident, a victim experiences two types of pain and suffering that are classified as general harm: physical pain and suffering, and second, psychological distress associated with injury.

The blog post states, “There is no set formula or foolproof method for assessing general harm,” as there are different types of injuries that require different healing times. In addition, serious injuries can make it difficult for a victim to go to work, leading to lost work time. In the worst case scenario, some traumatic brain injuries never normalize again.

Soft tissue injuries like whiplash, the personal injury attorney explains, are less obvious, adding, “Damage to muscles, ligaments, tendons and other soft tissues does not show up on x-rays, so there is less conclusive evidence that an injury has occurred. But most of us have suffered such an injury, be it a sprained ankle or a sprained wrist. So we know the pain is real and can be severe. “

To win the pain and suffering claim, a victim must demonstrate how the injuries affected their lifestyle, emotional wellbeing, and life. A victim should include future pain and suffering resulting from the injury in their compensation claim.

Harry Brown advises, “If you are unable to fully recover in a reasonable time and you expect to continue to have problems with your injuries, including problems with your mental health, you are right to ask about a bigger problem Amount of pain and suffering. Regardless of what you ask for in the event of pain and damage in your injury case, you must convince the expert or judge and the jury of the negative impact of the injuries on your quality of life. “

The Atlanta personal injury attorney knows how to convince the expert witness to accept the victim’s claim for damages and lists the reasons with logical facts and evidence to justify the pain and suffering claim. This list will help the victim in settlement negotiations. A copy of the relevant medical records is required here to secure the claims. The blog post lists several reasons to support a victim’s claim.

A victim also needs testimony. The personal injury attorney suggests that the victim’s family write down what the victim had to do after the car accident. This may include assisting the victim with meals, childcare, gardening, housework, pet care, and transportation.

Brown gives a detailed list of what the victim can keep in a diary of how the accident affected their quality of life.

The car accident has more advice for victims: “Take enough time to think about what you have lost or will lose, and how you have suffered and will suffer from the injury. You only have one chance to win your settlement, so don’t hold back. The better you can convince the adjuster of the depth of your pain and suffering; The higher your final billing will be. If you have been seriously injured and have had to focus on your physical recovery, or if you are uncomfortable with the insurance company, it is a good idea to speak to a personal injury attorney about the worth of your pain and suffering. “

The Atlanta personal injury attorney stresses the need to see a doctor about an accident and assumes the insurance company will not suspect injuries unless a victim has medical records to prove the damage.

The blog post states, “When you see a doctor, your injuries will be given higher priority and your injury will be medically confirmed. Your insurance company will review your medical records. If they find that you took the time to see a doctor shortly after your accident, it will provide evidence of the validity of your injury. “

“Your insurance company also believes that an injury that requires a long recovery time will cause more pain and suffering than an injury that has a short recovery time. These assumptions affect how your insurance provider evaluates your claim. If, after your accident, you choose not to receive medical treatment, your insurance company is unlikely to value your injury very much. Even if you are in pain and have been injured, if you do not see a doctor or do not see a doctor quickly enough, your insurance company can assume that the injuries are not as bad or were caused by something other than your accident. You’re going to need more evidence. “ Accident attorney

Brown Firm’s auto accident attorneys work tirelessly to maximize victims’ pain and suffering rates so that the latter can focus on physical recovery. An experienced personal injury attorney at the law firm examines the case in depth to help the victim obtain the best possible compensation for their pain and suffering. Contact the personal injury attorneys at The Brown Firm in Atlanta for a free consultation at (404) 522-8480.


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