At Fault Driver’s Insurance Won’t Pay

An accident is an overwhelming experience. So many things happen in a split second that it is impossible for anyone involved in the accident to consciously gather their thoughts and take them correct steps expected from them. Additionally, the culpable driver’s insurance must do something to eliminate their fault, sabotage your claim, show injury, or even try Escape the scene of the accident to avoid a lawsuit and a possible payout.

While these are all lengthy scenarios, nothing can prepare you for the ultimate traffic jam situation. The guilty driver insurance refuses to pay for your losses!

Your claim is denied. How could that happen?

The first thing you need to know about insurance companies, especially what rejects your claim, is that they are not your friend. They are only what they care about and the only thing that motivates them is profit. It is therefore in their best interest to submit you to the 3Ds of insurance payout – deny, delay and defend. So denial is only the first step in what may be a protracted battle. You have to be financially and mentally ready for it.

Come to like; there are There are many reasons an insurer can state that it will reject your claim even if your statements about the events are factually correct. Most reasons fall into one of the following two buckets.

  1. The Claims adjuster believes your claim is unfounded
  2. The insurer hopes that you will not pursue the case for a long time

There may be a third scenario in which a Eyewitness provides evidence They offer an adversarial version of the event that leads them to believe that they have a chance of beating you in court.

Other reasons they are contesting your claim could be more technical in nature.

  1. Exclusion of guidelines – Many insurance contracts exclude damage due to natural disasters as “force majeure”. If your insurer thinks and can show that the incident was due to a hailstorm or earthquake and not due to the negligence of their customer, they have the right to decline your claim
  2. Loss of contract – This in turn means that the culpable driver has not paid his premiums, which leads to the policy being voided. In such a situation, yours is UMI should step in to pay for every percentage of possible losses.
  3. Not notified in time – This, in turn, may be due to the chaos that occurs after an accident. Although the guilty party fully accepts their guilt, they must inform their insurer of their guilt. Only then will the insurer assess your losses and consider compensation. Failure to report by the company within a set deadline may also result in the company denying your claim.

What should I do after my insurance claim has been denied?

Everything must be done to avoid a case being rejected, although it is not uncommon for insurance companies to reject the case for any of the reasons listed above. While it is generally good to have an experienced lawyer, their contribution in such situations is undeniable. What are your options?

1. Write a questionnaire

Create one with the help of your lawyer Letter of Requirement to the guilty driver insurance, which gives facts and asks about the proper procedure. Your letter should include all the details of the case, any additional information such as police reports, testimony, photos, medical bills and reports, and most importantly, a reasonable compensation figure.

In response, the insurer may feel compelled to provide the exact reason for the rejection of your claim if they do not reverse their decision. This should be enough for you to plan the next steps with your attorney.

2. Submit an additional claim

If you or your attorneys believe that the company may be pursuing improper claims settlement practice, then depending on state laws where you can be safe to do so, you can file a second lawsuit Georgia.

3. Make a formal objection

In Georgia, you can formally appeal a judgment you have passed. An internal complaint can be submitted for review through the insurer’s internal process, while an external complaint can be submitted to the Georgia Department of Insurance (DOI).

Regardless of how far you go, it is recommended that you seek legal assistance with your insurance claim. Car accidents are uncomfortable regardless of the severity of the injuries, and you deserve to focus on your healing and the well-being of your loved ones. But a denial of claims is absolutely a blow to your healing. If you find yourself in such a situation and need help planning your course, contact the lawyer Riah Greathouse for help. We would be happy to analyze your situation, explain your options and find the right solution for you.

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