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Allan Steinhorn Personal Injury Expert Attorney – INJURY ATTORNEY

Allan Steinhorn Personal Injury Expert Attorney

Allan Steinhorn has earned an exceptional reputation among litigation attorneys in the DC area for his personal injury and misconduct skills. Since 1985, he has worked seriously on behalf of a wide variety of victims of various auto and truck accidents, medical errors, and a host of other harmful incidents.

He has received many great settlements and judgments and what sets him apart is his dedication to communication and understanding with customers. Allan literally spends hours on the phone every day with the worries and concerns of his customers, from the most common to the most important. His patience is legendary in the Clark and Steinhorn, LLC offices.

Many lawyers are too busy to speak to clients even occasionally, but Allan believes it is his duty to make sure his clients get the maximum compensation they can and understand why.

Allan is a frequent guest on Everyday Law, broadcast on Dragon Digital Radio at Howard County Community College, and his appearances are always breathlessly informative. From personal injury and abuse law to electoral and constitutional law, his knowledge is extensive and he likes to share it.

If you’ve been injured, listen at:

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