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Advertising is one of the most important aspects of a brand. It is not enough to supply quality products, you also need to know how to best market them. This is where Frisbees come in.

In this day and age one cannot rely on the typical advertising methods. You have to think outside the box. Here’s why bespoke advertising frisbees are the answer.

Three reasons to use bespoke advertising frisbees

1) Low-cost advertising: Traditional forms of advertising are oversaturated and therefore expensive. In addition, people subconsciously hide these advertisements because they are used to seeing advertisements in these ways.

In contrast, for as little as 51p, you can use advertising frisbees with your branded logo to reach out to potential customers

2) Customers Will Love You: Most people don’t like being sold to them. Still, they like to have fun. Imagine every time someone grabs a frisbee, that experience becomes associated with your brand.

Whether with the beloved family dog ​​or a group of close friends, you will be part of the fondest memories of potential customers

3) They last: Traditional advertising routes are a one-time offer. However, your advertising frisbee can advertise you for as long as it is being used.

Hence, the potential for long-term profit is enormous. However, if you want to make the most of this opportunity, you need to get your bespoke frisbees in the right place

Why you should get it Our Custom made flying frisbees for promotional purposes

1) Competitive pricing: some companies will charge you more than £ 15 for a single frisbee with no customization options. However, if you order in bulk, you can get a tailor-made promotional frisbee from us for just 51p.

2) Color Choices: Most customization services force you to limit your brand logo to one color, which will completely change the feel of your brand. Here we do things differently; We offer multicolored prints.

2) Diversity: Frisbees are not one size fits all. We know that our customers have different needs depending on the brand, target group and intended use. Therefore, in addition to the classic frisbee, we also sell foldable frisbees, boomerangs, coasters, etc. Here are a few examples.

Advertising frisbees that we recommend

1) The 9.25 inch flyer: This is one of the most versatile frisbees you will ever find. It offers a large area for multi-colored imprinting of your brand logo and is available in a variety of colors including blue, green, white, teal and red. You can get it for just € 1.

2) The Flexible Football Flyer: This flexible frisbee is a great choice if you want to hand out frisbees during a sporting event. Each custom-made unit is 59 pence when buying in bulk

3) The Collapsible Flyer: If portability is your thing, you can get the collapsible flyer for just £ 0.98. It is available in several colors and can be customized.

In conclusion, advertising frisbees personalized with your brand logo are a great advertising technique. We have the skills to bring you the very best and the inventory to accommodate your needs. So why not have a chance on us today?

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