Texas Supreme Court Issues Major Ruling on Personal Injury Cases

Austin, Texas. May 21, 2021 – –

The Keep Texas Trucking Coalition (KTTC) today released the following statement on Senate Bill 207, which addresses abusive practices in commercial vehicle lawsuits by presenting relevant evidence to juries of the true value of the health services provided to the plaintiff, not just that of the health care provider Invoiced amount:

“Personal injury attorneys’ abuse of Texas paid or created law – which has long been a problem in Texas – was addressed by the Texas Supreme Court in a recent decision, In Re Allstate Indemnity Company. In a unanimous opinion, The.” The court logically and precisely identified by Judge Rebecca Huddle has set a clear precedent for how legal proceedings should deal with medical harm in personal injury claims, and will end the practice in some legal proceedings of wrongly denying the use of affidavits in court for appeals by defendants plaintiffs’ affidavits on medical expenses and the practice of some judges denying a defendant the right to provide evidence in court of the necessity and reasonableness of medical expenses alleged by a plaintiff.

Therefore we agree with the decision of Sen. Charles Schwertner (R-Georgetown) and Rep. Greg Bonnen (R-Friendswood) – the Senate author and house sponsor of SB 207 – to stop pursuing the passage of the bill.

As physicians, Sen. Schwertner, Rep. Bonnen and their co-authors are deeply informed of the problems and complications in the treatment of medical damage posed by our legal system in relation to this legislation. Their diligent work in developing this legislation resulted in a sensible correction of the law to address the abusive practices of certain plaintiffs’ attorneys and their associates at medical providers to increase medical costs in personal injury suits. We are grateful for Dr. Schwertner and Dr. Bonnen on this matter and for the tireless work that you have put into this matter over the past few months. “

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