SF PD Officer Charged by District Attorney with Multiple Felonies for Brutal Baton Beating of Black Man More than a Year Ago

Chesa Boudin urges the governor to fire more of San Quentin on July 9th as his office under 1170 (D) works more against resentment.

SAN FRANCISCO – A San Francisco police officer accused of beating a man with his baton so badly that he broke his leg and wrist on October 7, 2019, is now on criminal charges after the San Francisco District Attorney , Chesa Boudin, announced Monday that he had filed an arrest warrant for Officer Terrance Stangel.

The prosecutor does not demand that Stangel be locked up. The DA Office’s Independent Investigation Bureau (IIB) will pursue the case.

Stangel is accused of using “excessive and unlawful force” in the baton attack on Dacari Spiers just over a year ago, under the Color of Authority attack.

“The incident occurred shortly before District Attorney Boudin was elected and was further investigated when District Attorney Boudin took office,” said a statement released by Boudin’s office.

“Officials responding to a phone call are required to promote public safety and not turn to violence as a sign of authority,” he said DA Boudin, who cited the case as “an example of an officer who unnecessarily escalated a situation and then violently beat a black man who he had no legal basis to arrest at all. Officials who not only do not promote safety, but also actively harm others, must – and in my administration too – be held accountable. “

Body camera footage showed much of the beatings on the evening of October 7, 2019. Spiers was out on a date with his girlfriend at Fisherman’s Wharf when Stangel and officer Cuahtemoc Martinez responded to a 911 call from a man assaulting a woman.

Within seconds of their arrival, officials – who apparently said they had not seen physical violence or illegal behavior – confronted Spiers, and Martinez ordered him to turn around, despite Spiers and his girlfriend asking questions.

According to the public prosecutor’s office, officer Martinez “immediately tried to grab Mr. Spiers, who insisted he had done nothing, and the officers ignored Mr. Spiers’ girlfriend, who shouted,” No! “and” What did he do? “

Officer Stangel then said, said the DA release, “approached Mr. Spiers from behind and hit him with a baton. Mr. Spiers repeatedly yelled, “Stop!” Officer Martinez forced Mr. Spiers to the ground and Officer Stangel hit his legs several times.

“Mr. Spiers was not observed to have committed any illegal act. He was not arrested for a crime. Officer Stangel broke Mr. Spiers’ wrist and leg and had to undergo surgery to fix it. Mr. Spiers also suffered numerous cuts on his legs that required stitches. After the attack, he had to use a wheelchair while recovering, ”noted Boudin’s office.

Gloria Berry, Chair of the San Francisco County’s Central Committee (DCCC), a veteran and a member of the San Francisco Prosecutor’s Office African-American Advisory Board, said:

“When I grew up in San Francisco in the 1970s and saw the police commit violence against black men and were never brought to justice, I felt like I was black, which meant we were less than” , she said. “Today I have tears in my eyes to hear that under the office of San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin, officials are being tried, history is being made and black people are finally being seen.”

Keith Baraka, a member of the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office of Afro-American Advisory Board and LGBTQ Advisory Board of the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office, and vice-chairman of the San Francisco DCCC, agreed, stating: “Police officers must be held accountable for acts of brutality they have committed against who have sworn to protect and serve. “

“With the George Floyd murder raising awareness of police abuse of black men around the world, we must also remember that police violence comes in a variety of forms, including the dehumanization that occurs when officers treat black men like criminals. I am grateful to District Attorney Boudin for appreciating black lives and for refusing to apologize for police violence, ”he added.

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