Orlando Attorney Piercy Stakelum Secures High Six Figure Settlement Using Dash Cam Video

Under Florida Act, there is usually a rebuttable presumption that the second vehicle in a “rear-end” collision is responsible for the accident. In this case, the customer’s insurance company argued precisely on this point and initially denied the claim by claiming that Mr. Stakelum’s customer was responsible for the crash. There were no independent witnesses, but the client’s dashboard camera recorded a video of the collision occurring exactly as he described it. Mr. Stakelum was able to use the video, along with threats of a separate bad faith lawsuit, to reach a confidential six-digit settlement for his client.

“Our case would have been dead in the water without the dash cam video,” said Stakelum. “We resolved the entire claim within six months. Since then, I have been asking every family member, friend and customer to get a dash cam as soon as possible to protect themselves from a future crash.”

Piercy Stakelum has in central and Southwest Florida for over 23 years. His specialty is representing customers in car, motorcycle, truck and slip and fall accidents. His company has offices in Orlando, Tampa, Naples, Ft. Myers and Melbourne, Florida. For more information about Mr. Stakelum and his company Trial Pro, PA, please visit www.trialpro.com.

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SOURCE Trial Pro, PA

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