Luis Scott, from assistant to attorney

Luis Scott started out as an assistant in a law firm before pursuing law school. Starting from the bottom and working your way up gave Scott a perspective on what he wanted to do as a lawyer. He’d spent too long working among people and he knew that working for someone wasn’t his plan – he wanted to create something of his own.

Luis Scott met Seth Bader (founder of what is now Bader and Scott Injury Lawyers) at a networking conference in 2016. They immediately started conducting business discussions and quickly realized that their goals and values ​​match. A short time later, in 2018, Bader became interested in working with Scott and offered him a permanent position in his company. With the promise of a partnership in the near future, Scott agreed and joined the company. After Scott joined the company, the number of customers nearly doubled over the next year. As the company grew, they had to hire more staff. Between late 2019 and early 2020, Bader and Scott decided to stay one step ahead of growth and hire an additional 15% of the workforce when they needed to.

They expected their company to follow suit and wanted to stay ahead of the numbers. But immediately after the hiring of more staff, the pandemic hit and injured the company. The percentage of new customers decreased by 40%. Bader and Scott decided that for the company and the work culture they were trying to establish, it would be best not to fire any of their employees. They wanted to create a safe space for their employees who they had recently brought on board. Dismissing an employee was not acceptable. They found other places for their budget cuts. They temporarily reduced their marketing until the company had a regular flow of customers again.

The pandemic has been difficult for so many companies and entrepreneurs and Bader and Scott Injury Lawyers were no exception. With the right business plan, however, they were able to get through the difficult phase and get back to the top. After Bader and Scott reduced their marketing budget by 25% and waited patiently, they were able to increase their sales by the end of 2020. Your customers grew by 25 to 30%.

A year after he brought Scott on board, Bader made him a partner. Their friendship quickly turned into a partnership and they began working on what is now recognized by one of the fastest growing companies in Atlanta. You have worked to put together a team full of talent that contributes to a great work culture. Bader and Scott put their team and their customers above all else. The momentum they created in the office has led them to help 10,000+ clients successfully make comparisons. Bader and Scott Injury Lawyers continues to expand and venture into new branches to help their law firm. They are now sharing their business strategies through social media, helping people learn more about how to grow and excel in their professional and personal lives.

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