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Kelly White Donofrio LLP is a Family Law Attorney Helping Families Resolve Legal Issues in Rochester, New York – INJURY ATTORNEY

Kelly White Donofrio LLP is a Family Law Attorney Helping Families Resolve Legal Issues in Rochester, New York

Rochester, NY – Near the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra is Kelly White Donofrio LLP, a law firm with deep roots in the area who has practiced law for many decades. The law firm strives to work cases out of court in order to minimize the emotional and sometimes physical agony that many families face in the judicial system.

Kelly White Donofrio LLP was founded in 1982 by Donald White and Laurie Donofrio, both driven by advocacy, service, integrity and results. Mr. White has extensive experience having worked with neglected victims and their families, which has earned him many awards including the BV Distinguished Peer Review Rating from Martindale-Hubble, a highly respected rating service for lawyers in the U.S. Experience as a family and marriage lawyer serving on the board of Huther Doyle, an agency specializing in addiction treatment and rehabilitation.

While other law firms route client cases to paralegals and employees, Donald and Laurie take cases personally and are involved in every step, as detailed in Kelly White Donofrio LLP. They carefully examine each scenario, conduct in-depth research and investigation, and develop personalized plans to achieve an outcome that will benefit the client. As a customer-oriented law firm, they treat each client with respect, compassion and professionalism, with open, honest and responsible communication in order to eliminate misunderstandings and ambiguities.

Kelly White Donofrio LLP represents clients in personal injury related car, bicycle, pedestrian, work, truck and motorcycle accidents. They also handle cases of medical malpractice, public liability, slip and fall incidents, wrongful death and more. The lawyers let their clients pay hospital, doctor or other bills and help them to compensate for pain and suffering, lost wages and more.

Kelly White Donofrio LLP also specializes in family law to help families find peaceful out-of-court settlement. They provide representation in child support, custody, family relocation, domestic violence, divorce, paternity matters, separation agreements, spousal support, prenuptial and prenuptial agreements. In addition, they provide probate services that include executor duties, probate, amendment or revocation of wills, making a will, self-examination of wills, and more. They work with New York appeals courts to resolve appeals against judgments or high court orders in civil and criminal matters.

Schedule a free case evaluation with Kelly White Donofrio LLP – Family Attorney Rochester NY, 45 E Ave, Rochester, NY 14604 by calling (585) 232-1415. If you have any questions about their areas of activity, please visit their website.

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Kelly White Donofrio LLP
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Laurie Donofrio and Donald White
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