McKiggan Hebert Law is a Car Accident Attorney Representing Victims in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax, NS – The physical, psychological, emotional, and financial burden of personal injury due to the negligence of others can be devastating for victims. For this reason, it takes a passionate, understanding, professional, and respectful lawyer like the McKiggan Hebert Law team to stand up for your rights. The firm is one of the most trusted law firms in Halifax and was named one of the top 10 personal injury law firms by Canadian Lawyer Magazine in 2019.

John McKiggan and Brian Hebert came together to form McKiggan Hebert Law with the aim of facilitating the process of seeking justice and securing redress. John McKiggan has prior experience as a personal injury attorney with a track record of satisfied clients. His achievements have been recognized on many occasions, including his appointment as Queen’s Counsel for services and merits. Brian Hebert is also a seasoned personal injury attorney with a background in business law and economics. He has extensive experience in processes in both large and small cases and enjoys direct dialog with insurance companies for his clients.

Together they lead a team of high-performing, highly qualified and trained lawyers whose main passion is their clients. The team fights dutifully for its customers and families, with open communication having top priority in order to create trust and clarity and to avoid misunderstandings. The team handles all aspects of the case after the initial deliberations, including in-depth research and investigation, negotiating with the insurance companies, and dealing with the opposing attorney.

The McKiggan Hebert Law describes how the firm represents victims of automobile accidents involving medical costs, pain and suffering, lost wages, automobile damage, and more. Factors that affect the value of auto accident claims include the long term impact, treatment of the injury, impact of the injury, the recovery process, and the severity of the injury. Customers can also file claims on behalf of their parents, grandparents, children, and spouses to help families recover from loss of care, camaraderie, and guidance.

McKiggan Hebert Law also offers representation in class actions, medical malpractice, spinal cord injuries, slips and falls, and solitary confinement. They also provide representation in bicycle, motorcycle, snowmobile, pedestrian, truck, and drunk driving accidents.

McKiggan Hebert Law operates on a contingency fee basis, which ensures that the attorneys do not charge for legal services until they have reclaimed compensation for their clients.

Schedule a safe case assessment with McKiggan Hebert Law – Halifax Auto Accident Attorney, 1959 Upper Water St # 502, Halifax, NS B3J 3N2, located at (902) 423-2050. If you have any questions about the services offered, please visit their website.

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