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Q: I was injured at work and called a law firm I saw on TV about my workplace injury. You didn’t bring my case. Nothing is done. What can I do? Eugene, Florence, AL

ON: The first thing you can do is make sure your employee compensation case is filed. It must be submitted before you can see a penny of settlement money. All Alabama employee compensation schemes must be approved by the court system.

Our standard practice is to file every employee compensation case we accept. It serves more than one purpose. First, most people trying to self-manage these cases experience a number of adjusters. Every single change of adjuster leads to a delay and often to a different way of handling the case.

Second, without a judge overlooking the case, common medical problems that arise have no solution. If the case is already assigned a judge, it is much quicker to resolve common problems.

Third, labor compensation lawyers tend to be much more sensible than Adjusters, as they respond to the court both as court officials and in maintaining their credibility to the court.

Fourth, as I said, it still has to be submitted.

I don’t think I would hire a lawyer who would not be willing to take the workers’ compensation case. I suppose if you’re getting your weekly benefits and your employer is treating you like they should, you may not even need a lawyer. There are certain types of employee compensation cases where fair offers are made to people. In these cases people bring the letters to our office and we let them know for free whether we can add value to their case or not. If we can make them money, we’ll tell them. If we can’t, we’ll tell them too.

Good luck!

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