Get Free Legal Advice By Phone From A CBA Attorney

CHICAGO – The Chicago Bar Association is hosting the final 2020 Call A Lawyer program this Saturday, December 19, where citizens can request free legal advice from a CBA attorney. Many people are now dealing with employment and housing problems, and it is also a prime time for consumer fraud.

Calls are accepted from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., Saturday 19th December at 312-554-2001. Call-A-Lawyer events usually take place on the third Saturday morning of the month.

Citizens can call a lawyer and briefly explain their situation, who will then suggest self-help strategies or give advice on solving their problems. If callers require additional legal services or have questions beyond the attorney’s field of activity, they are encouraged to contact the CBA Lawyer Referral Service during the week for a referral to an attorney in the appropriate legal area.

The CBA’s attorney referral service has more than 200 pre-screened, qualified attorneys who are experienced in nearly all areas of law and offer their services to the public. Contacting the LRS during normal business hours Monday through Friday can direct callers to attorneys who work in a wide variety of legal areas including:

  • Domestic relationships, including divorce, custody, assistance, and other family law matters
  • Personal injury, including automobile accidents, slips and falls, product liability, death, misconduct, and other types of injury incidents
  • Estate planning, including will and trust drafting, estate and will contest.
  • Real estate, including buying or selling real estate, foreclosure, and landlord / tenant issues
  • Labor law, including wrongful termination, harassment and discrimination

In addition, the CBA offers an on-call service that gives callers access to lawyers in three different areas of law at any time outside of normal business hours. You can reach an attorney 24/7 for help with criminal defense, personal injury, and family law issues by calling 312-554-2001.

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