Former Shelby County assistant district attorney, several former MPD employees indicted in TBI investigation

MEMPHIS, Tennessee – The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation says a year-long investigation has resulted in charges against a former Shelby County assistant district attorney, three former Memphis Police Department employees, a Memphis attorney, and four others.

According to TBI, Attorney General Amy Weirich asked TBI in June 2020 to investigate “someone in their office misusing confidential information.” The TBI says Weirich then withdrew from the case and the case was handled by Attorney General Bryant Dunaway.

The TBI says an investigation found that former assistant attorney general Glenda Adams and several others were responsible for an “engineered program” to benefit from the use of confidential information in Memphis police reports.

Adams was released in October last year.

Former Shelby County attorney accused of misusing confidential information

The TBI has identified the other suspects as Egypt Berry, Latausha Blair, Renatta Dillard, Roderick Harvey, Marcus Lewis, personal injury attorney Aaron Neglia, Martin Nolan and Mustafa Sajid.

Renatta Dillard, Glenda Adams and Martin Nolan

According to TBI, Berry, Blair and Nolan were employees of the Memphis Police Department at the time. Since then everyone has resigned.

Berry and Dillard were reportedly taken into custody Friday and Harvey remains at large. The TBI says the rest will likely face up.

According to TBI, the Shelby County Grand Jury has dismissed the following charges:

  • Adams (date of birth: 12/8/72): Bribery of a public servant, official misconduct, violation of a $ 10,000 computer law violation
  • Berry (date of birth: 4/21/85): Bribe a public servant (2 points), official misconduct, breach of computer law over $ 10,000
  • Blair (date of birth: 5/31/71): $ 10,000 computer law violation
  • Dillard (date of birth: 6/26/67): $ 10,000 computer law violation
  • Harvey (date of birth: 1/28/82): Bribery of a public servant, breach of $ 10,000 Computer Act
  • Lewis (date of birth: 5/17/80): Bribery of an official
  • Neglia (date of birth: 12/27/82): Bribery of a public servant, breach of $ 10,000 computer law
  • Nolan (date of birth: 7/28/87): Bribery of a civil servant, official misconduct, violation of the computer law over 10,000 US dollars
  • Sajid (date of birth: 11/24/79): Bribery of an official

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